Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boy or Girl

With today's technology it is very common for someone to ask a pregnant lady, "What are you having" and have that woman happily state "A baby boy" or "A baby girl". It is rare that couples choose to do things "the old fashion way" and leave their baby's gender to be a surprise until the day of that baby's birth. Actually at Owen's ultrasound we were eager to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. We felt we needed to know the gender of our baby so we could prepare, paint the nursery, buy an outfit to bring baby home in, pick out a name, and start yelling to the world "We are having a baby boy!" Brad always claimed that it wasn't any less of a surprise whether you found out the day of the ultrasound or you found out the day of the birth. Either way you were still surprised. Due to his way of thinking it took a lot of arm twisting for me to get him to see the fun and excitement in waiting until Baby #2's birth to find out the gender. 2 ultrasounds later, we have been able to keep the gender a mystery and it is fun to see Brad enjoying our decision to wait.

I think the downside to not knowing is the delay in finalizing a name. For some reason we are having the hardest time picking out at name. Being 35 weeks pregnant is putting pressure on me knowing the baby will be here in 5 weeks and we still doesn't have a name. With Owen I knew at 2 weeks pregnant we were having a boy. The day after the ultrasound, that confirmed my mother's intuition, we had his name picked out. It all seemed SO easy. Why is it SO hard this time? I have no real gut feelings whether this is a boy or girl. Part of me is leaning towards girl but I wonder if that is just because I already have a boy. I do know this pregnancy is A LOT different than Owen's and I am carrying a lot different but some of that could be due to the fact that I am chasing around a toddler. I guess we'll know if a few weeks.

But, back to the name issue. Our choice for a boy's name is pretty set, we are about 95% sure on the "main" name (not necessarily first name as Owen goes by his middle name) but are a bit unsure of the second name. As for a girl's name...... well let's just say my list of names I like keeps growing. We think we have the second name finalized but cannot pick that main name. Maybe we will end up waiting until we lays eyes on our little bundle of joy before we finalize a name. I'll keep you all posted!