Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Night

Brad came home today after being gone for 8 days to Australia. Owen was very happy at the sight of daddy walking through the door!!! I must say I was happy to see him too!!! We have so much fun together when it is all 3 of us and we really miss him when he is gone!!! For a little welcome home celebration we decided to take Owen to Chuck E. Cheese to play. We thought he would have a blast running around, riding the rides, and sliding on the slide. Last time we took him there he was about 14 months old and had a blast so why would this time be any different?

Turns out it wasn´t as fun as I thought it would be. The place was crowded (that´s what we get for going on a Saturday night) but Owen likes to people watch so he enjoyed that part. This was probably just harder on mommy. Chuck E. Cheese has gotten rid of a good portion of their little kids area so there was only one little slide to go down but that wasn´t so bad that was all he really needed. The kicker is that he HATES the rides!! Well let me rephrase that, he loves to sit in the car and pretend to drive it but the second I put a token in for him to ride and the car started moving he looked at me with fear in his eyes and said "up please" and did everything he could to get off that moving car! What blows my mind is it wasn´t that long ago (probably around Christmas) we were at the mall and I tried to fake him out, save my quarter, and tried to pretend he was riding the car. He didn´t fall for it and I ended up spending more than one quarter so he could ride a couple of times. What is the change? Why is it scary now? I have no idea but I shouldn´t get my hopes up. I´m sure this won´t last long but for now I´ll enjoy saving my money!!!

Here he is sitting in the stationary car.
Since we wanted him to be able to play and Chuck's didn't seem like the place we loaded up in the car and headed to Fun City in Springdale. He had a blast!!! Mom was a bit nervous because the ball pit was crazy with bigger kids but he enjoyed every second! They also have a great basketball game that he can actually shoot and make baskets!!! The night ended up being a great success!!

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