Monday, March 9, 2009

My Junior Razorback Fan

Friday we took Owen to his second gymnastics meet of the year. I was super excited to take him because the previous meet he really got into the cheering and calling the hogs but I wasn't prepared. This time I was ready with camera in hand and Owen was wearing his new Hog T-shirt and hat and of course carrying his new football!!!
He was excited to point out "Woo" (that's what Owen calls all the Razorbacks) every time he spotted him and so I was looking forward to a close up picture as Big Red came around. Turns out Owen just likes to look at Woo from afar. As daddy took him up to get his picture taken he held on tight and let out a high pitched screech. We didn't push the issue as we were afraid some poor gymnast might get startled and fall of the beam.

As long as Woo was in the area he wouldn't take his eyes off of him for fear of a surprise visit. One day I'm sure the two of them will be best friends like the old days!!!
We had a great time and Owen had fun dancing with the music and calling the Hogs. He also loved people watching especially the kids!!! There was a boy about 7 that was sitting next to us and it was fun to watch Owen try to copy the boy's dance moves and cheers!!! I'm bummed this season has come to an end but I'm looking forward to next year and taking 2 kids to the meets!!
Go Hogs!

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