Monday, March 16, 2009

Our healthy toddler boy

We took Owen this morning for his 18 month check up. I know, I'm a little late seeing as he'll be 21 months in a week and a half but life was a little crazy around that time and Dr. Keever is very hard to get in to see!!! During his check up we also had Owen get his first round of the MMR shot. I think this shot is normally given at the 15 month check up but we made the decision to do a delayed shot schedule based on research surrounding the Autism scare. Besides the fact that Dr. Keever is super friendly and great with not only kids but also with the parents, we love the fact that he honors our decision about shots and out natural parenting choices we have made. I think the fact that is he very natural parenting friendly is what makes him such a popular choice and in turn very hard to make an appointment with. Luckily we know the trick of calling Jane, his nurse, and getting "in the back door" for an appointment.

Dr. Keever gave Owen the thumbs up and said he is doing great and is very healthy! He weighs 25 lbs 4 oz (30%) and is 34 in tall (75%), that just confirms our thoughts that he was tall and skinny. As Doc asks if Owen is walking and running Owen is climbing up on the chair "Oh, I see he is a climber". I explain to Doc that Owen is a boy through and through!!! When asked if I had any concerns I told him that Owen was a good kid and I didn't worry about much but there were 2 issues that were bothering me. Screaming and throwing! Owen likes to randomly scream, not because he is hurt or scared but just because he likes to hear his voice. This trait (as well as the climbing) reminds me very much of my brother Ryan as a kid!!! I remember having a penny jar filled with 10 pennies and a piece of candy and every time Ryan screamed we would take a penny out. If there was any money in there at the end of the day then Ryan would get those pennies and if the jar had all 10 pennies he would get all the money plus the piece of candy. Hopefully we can break Owen of this habit before he is old enough to get the concept of a penny jar. Owen also likes to throw things. I am very proud that he has great aim and a great arm and knows how to throw a football correctly and knows that a basketball gets dribbled!! I just wished the throwing would stop there! He likes to throw forks, cups, remotes, phones, and pretty much anything else that might be in his hand the second he gets the urge. Well Doc explained to me that I had nothing to worry about. This just meant his Y chromosome was working fully and confirmed my previous statement that Owen is a boy through and through! Gotta love little boys!!!!

Dr. Keever also asked if Owen had at least 25 words we could clearly understand and if he was using 2 word phrases. We quickly said yes but started to try to think about how many works Owen actually knew. We started our list and quickly got to 50 and as the day went on we got up to 75 and I can probably add another 10 or so to that list. Being the proud mommy I am I'd love to write the list out here but I'm sure I'd loose most of my readers!!! I do want to say that those 85 words don't include the 15+ animal sounds he knows and 25+ baby signs he knows!!! If you include all the Owen words I'm sure this list would grow!! While we have NO clue what he is saying sometimes I know it has to be funny because he always laughs afterwards!! If he keeps up this communication growth, here in a few months he'll be writing this blog!!

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Smart boy! And smart parents... :-)