Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playgroup/Mommy alone time

A group of moms I´ve met through the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) community have been meeting for a connection parenting book club. It has been nice chatting with moms that have the same parenting style that Brad and I have. During our meetings we have talked about how it would be nice to get our boys together for a playgroup/mommy alone time. One mom could watch all three boys (Jacob 19 months, Ian 15 months, and Owen 20 months) while the other moms got a break to eat lunch with friends, go shopping, or just have mommy alone time. Angela was the brave one who offered first to keep all three boys. She was even sweet enough to offer to watch them on a Friday night so we could have a date night our hubbys. Poor Aly and her husband haven´t been on a date since their anniversary back in August! I was excited at the fact of having a Friday night to myself but I quickly realized that Brad was out of town and I would be spending my Friday night completely alone, what was I to do? Go to the movies? Go shopping? Go out to dinner? No! I cleaned!!! I couldn´t believe that such an event would be my first choice. It must be the nesting in me coming out!!! After getting the house nice I clean and since I was by myself and didn´t have to adhere to any specific dinner guidelines, the dogs and I loaded up in the car and had Shake´s Frozen Custard for dinner!!! It was yummy and I even saved Owen a bite!!!

Owen and the boys had a great time. They played very well together and not one tear was shed. I think this is the start of a great thing for all!!! They boys develope great friendships and have a fun time playing and mommys get a much needed break that sometimes will involve a dinner alone with the hubby!!! Why didn´t we think of this sooner???

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Dave and Jenn said...

Cleaning and dessert for dinner...that is my kind of evening too! :-)