Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Surprise Date

As I prepare for the birth of baby #2 I signed up for a Bradley class that I was excited to start tonight. I was relieved to find out Monday afternoon that they had room for us in the class despite the fact that it was last minute. After checking my email I came out and told Brad that we made it in the class and we could finally start getting ready for baby's arrival. I hate to say this but I was a little disappointed at his response! He told me that he had a surprise for me Tuesday night and didn't think it could be changed. I asked him, with a bit of disgust in my voice, why he hadn't told me of this sooner before I begged for a spot in this class. His response was typical male, I was just hoping you wouldn't get in and it wouldn't be an issue. Nice! So I write back to the teacher and explain that my husband's "work" schedule is a bit crazy and we won't be able to make it. In the meantime I get excited about the potential of a surprise date (turns out he said he never used the word "date" I just jumped to conclusions).

Tuesday night rolls around and he tells me that the 3 of us (Brad, myself, and to my surprise Owen) needed to be somewhere at 6:30 hungry. Hummm, what could this be. Why wasn't someone coming over to watch Owen so I could enjoy my surprise date with my hubby? I don't ask questions, like a good wife, and just get in the car and wait to see what he has planned. As we pass up streets to potential favorite restaurants I start to get more confused. As we get closer to my mom's side of town I start to wonder if we are eating dinner at my mom's but really, what kind of date would that be? Then I think, "Oh, maybe we are dropping off Owen at my mom's. That would make sense!" But still I was wrong and pleasantly surprised!!!

It wasn't Brad that had planned a surprise for me but my wonderful friend Sara!!!! Sara and my mom hosted a dinner in my honor as a mother-to-be!! I was very surprised to see many friends there; Tiffany, Kathleen, Lori, Stephanie, and of course Sara. This was the last thing I was expecting but was so honored. I knew it wasn't custom to have a baby shower for your second baby but the more I think about that the more I realize that baby #2 is just as special and deserves just as much attention and hype about their arrival as baby #1. That baby is just as much a joy and loved just as much that a small shower in that baby's honor is a very thoughtful and much appreciated gift!

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Dave and Jenn said...

That's so cool! Sounds like Brad did a good job keeping you guessing. Will you still be able to take the class you wanted?