Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy One Month Addyson

Wow!!! Does time fly when you are having fun!!! I can't believe it has been a whole month since Addy was born! Where does the time go? Well I know where some of it has gone.... nursing, sleeping, making dirty diapers!!! It has also been filled with lots of company wanting to snuggle little Addy as well as help mommy and daddy!!! Thanks Mom, Dad, Mar, Ken, Robin, Georgia, Holly, Lucy, and all those friends that brought us dinner!!

Addy is such a good baby. She is very content and rarely cries as long as she is in the room with us. If I lay her on her tummy in the boppy she'll sleep for hours! Most nights she only wakes up once to nurse, about 3am, which amazes me because Owen nursed all night long (at least it felt that way to me). She is very strong and lifted her head day one. It amazes me that she'll lift her head and hold it out for a couple of minutes. She likes to be able to look around and see what is going on. She is a very noisy baby as well. She is always grunting and making noises like she is clearing her throat. While she sleeps most of the night I am always waking up to check on her because of all the grunting!! Hopefully I'll get use to that and can start sleeping most of the night with her! She gave her first smile and cooed day 10. She likes to look at us and try to talk, it is very cute. I bet she is going to be talkitive like Owen! She is also a paci baby (which is why I thought the above picture was very appropriate!)!!! If she has her paci and is able to snuggle you won't hear a peep out of her. She already looks up to her big brother who is a big fan of hers. The morning routine includes being held by Owen and getting kisses and hugs. He likes to get right in her face and she doesn't seem to mind. She stares at him and sometimes tries to coo at him.

It has only been a month but it seems like Addy has been here for much longer than that. She fits right in and is dearly loved!!! We can't wait to see what our little princess grows up to be!

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