Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road trippin' with 2 kids

Everyone knows that Brad and I LOVE to travel, that was one thing that attracted me to him. As a couple we took several road trips and a couple international trips. When we had Owen we didn't want a baby to stop our fun instead, we wanted to introduce him to our travel bug. While many people called us crazy I am a firm believer that kids will become accustomed to, willing take part in, and be happy doing whatever it is you take them to do starting at a young age. If you never travel with your kid then the first trip you take will be hard as they don't know what to expect and how to act. If you take your kid with you all over the world, introduce him to foreign foods and people of different races then that child will see all those things as normal. Owen grew up traveling, at 5 days old he had his first road trip when we moved from Lafayette, LA back to Fayetteville, AR. Well we didn't want Addy to feel left out so, while we are starting a bit late, at 5 weeks old she is on her first road trip.

Two weeks ago we decided to make a trip to Austin, TX. This trip served a couple of purposes. Our niece, Lucy, will be turning 2 and is having her birthday party this weekend and we wanted to come celebrate with her. Also, Brad's parents live close to Austin and we wanted them and Brad's brother Chris to meet little Addy. While we were planning this trip Brad got a work call saying he needed to be in Lafayette on the 26th. So we decided to make a road trip out of the deal. Back in the day Brad and I would have made the 10 hour trip in one day but we realize it is a bit unfair to ask a 5 week old to sit facing a seat and an active 23 month old to sit still that long. So we are breaking the trip down and making it a bit of a family vacation. To get prepared from this long journey we have stocked up on snacks and toys, added many new songs to our iPod, and for Owen's sake (and ours) we put a tv/dvd player on the back of my seat. Day one we drove to Shreveport, LA. This leg of the trip should have taken us about 5.5 hours actually took us 7.5 but I really can't complain. We ended up stopping 3 times. Before, when Owen was a baby, if he started crying I would just jumped over the seat and go back and nurse him to buy us some time. I tried to do that this time with Addy but found out it is a bit hard to squeeze in between 2 car seats!!! I was able to get her quieted down but wasn't able to really let her eat. So, I was quit happy to stop 3 times!!! We enjoyed our evening in Shreveport, we went to the boardwalk for dinner, ice cream and a bit of shopping!

Today is day 2 and we drove from Shreveport to Lafayette. The trip is about 3 hours and it took us about 3.5. We probably could have done it quicker without stopping but we forgot to fill up our gas tank and needed to stop. To make matters worse I told Brad to pass an exit thinking there would be a better looking gas station farther up and I was wrong so we had to turn around and go to the scary one. The kids were great and slept most of the way. When Owen wasn't sleeping he was watching Lion King! Boy, am I glad we have the dvd player with us!!! We are here and settled. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, driving by our old house, and just relaxing for a few days before we pack the kids up and head off to Austin. Friday we leave for Austin and it is the longest leg of our trip. Mapquest says it is 6 hours which probably means will take us 8-9. We will stay in Austin a couple of days and leave Monday to head for home. In order to break up that drive we will stop in Dallas for the night!!! We are staying at my favorite hotel chain, Embassy Suites, and I can't wait!!! Wish us luck for the rest of our trip. I'll let you know how traveling with 2 kids goes!!!


Rincon Family said...

I'm happy to hear that you all are doing well!! We are thinking of you and can't wait to hear stories and see pictures when you are back! Be safe!

Dave and Jenn said...

Good luck! (Although, by this time you are probably already almost home to Fayetteville). Dave and I are thinking of doing a road trip this summer. I don't think his parents travled with him much when he was a kid because he can get cranky on long trips - ha!