Saturday, May 23, 2009


Shake's (formerly known as Shakey's) is a family favorite!! Dare I say family tradition!!! Shakey's started as a family business in Joplin, Mo (where I grew up). After baseball games, gymnastics, or just because on a hot summer night my family and I would head to Shakey's for a tastey treat. Fast forward several years and the oldest son of the owner, Cory, decided to open a Shakey's in Fayetteville. I am now a senior in high school and apply for a job there! I ended up being a asst. manager and got my brother Ryan a job there. As Shakey's became popular several people asked about franchising and due to this they had to change the name from Shakey's to Shake's. Turns out there is a pizza chain called Shakey's and they were going to sue for using their name.... go figure!!!

So, there is a bit of our family Shakey's history. Besides being a childhood favorite the custard is yummy!!!!!!! And 98% fat free (or something like that)!!! What gets me is I DON'T eat it plain so the 98% fat free gets thrown out the window when I add the carmel, hot fudge and pecans (otherwise known a as Big Bopper)!!! If you haven't had one, one hot night this summer you should head that way and treat yourself!!!

My mom knows I'm a sucker for Shake's!!! Mom will often call to meet for dinner or something and due to a busy schedule I have to pass. If it has been a while or she just really wants to see her grandkids she knows she can offer to meet at Shake's and it almost a guarentee I will be able to meet up!!! So, while Lucy and Holly were in town she called and asked if she could take us to Shake's!!! As you can see from the pictures I couldn't pass up the sweet deal (excuse the pun). Another great thing about Shake's is they give out free baby cones!! Owen knows this and looks forward to sitting on the bench and eating his cone!!! Once I tried to go through the drive though and take our custard home. As we were pulling away he kept saying "sit" and I realized he wanted to get out and eat so I pulled in, parked, and ate outside!!! Is it bad that my 22 month old can recognize Shake's?!?!

Here are Owen and Lucy enjoying their baby cones.

If you have a puppy don't leave s/he behind because Shake's offers our furry family members a free puppy cup!!!! Skip and Sam are very familiar with this and get excited as we pull up to the window. Here is Sammy (my almost 15 year old Yorkie) enjoying his frozen treat!

Go treat yourself today!! Tell them I sent you!!!!

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Rincon Family said...

We need to go together!! We have never been, now I can't wait to go! Next week when you come back, we are going!