Thursday, April 23, 2009

U of A Farm Event

Today the UofA put on a wonderful Farm Event that was sponsored by 4H. This was one of the best Farm shows I have ever been to!!! It was clean, interactive, fun, and free!!! What more could you ask for!!! This was a real hit with Owen who has his farm video memorized and gets excited every time we drive by a field of cows or horses. He walked into the arena and could barely contain himself!!!! He squealed with excitement at each new pin, called out the name of the animal, and then raced to the next one. We could barely keep up with him!!! He is an animal lover just like his mommy!!! He makes me so proud!!!I was also impressed by the fact that he wanted to touch and study each animal and wasn't afraid of any of them. He was very gentle when petting them and he didn't run up to them and get in their face like I saw many kids do!!! It is like he understood to respect each animal's personal space.

One of our friends (and she is also Owen's teacher) Rosemary came with her daughter Ana Maria who is 15 months. The 2 of them had so much fun!!!

Thank you UofA and 4H for an awesome Farm Event!!!!!


Dave and Jenn said...

That is so cool! I think it's so important to let kids be around animals. It's great that he was so gentle with them!! You guys are such great parents - I'm really not surprised at all. :-)

The Villars said...

It looks like it was so much fun. We were supposed to go, but it was a really bad sick day and I didn't think I could take animal smells.