Friday, May 22, 2009

VBAC rally

Today Owen and Addy attended their first protest!!! A group of mom's from Birth Network and ICAN got together to protest the ban on VBACs at Mercy hospital. While I can't say enough good things about our doctor and the nurses that attended our birth and their support of our decision, there are some hospital administrators that are trying to force women into c-sections. Shame on them for not allowing women to CHOOSE how they want to bring their baby into the world!!! Shame on them for trying to force or bully women into unnecessary surgery!!

I am very thankful I was surrounded by supportive family, friends, and medical staff that stood by my side while I birthed Addy the way I wanted!! The way God created me to have a baby! I am so thankful for my VBAC!!!

Check out the press coverage!!!

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Jenny Rose said...

I saw your headline off of Jennifer Holland's blog and it caught my attention. I am so happy that so many women are protesting this ban! I have a beautiful daughter who's life was saved thanks to an emergency c-section, but there is a huge part of my heart that aches that I was unable to deliver vaginally. My ob and other ob's I have spoken with since have told me that the situation that occurred with my first delivery was a one time thing and should leave me as an excellent candidate for a vbac. I fear more than anything with the next pregnancy that I will be unable to find an ob and/or hospital to perform a vbac even though research has proven repeatedly that there are minimal risks when the circumstances are ideal for one. I would never do anything to put my child's or my own life in danger.

It frustrates and saddens me that we, as women, are being stripped of being allowed to make educated decisions in regards to our bodies.

Although I do not live in NWA any longer (and did not live there at the time of my daughter's birth), I have been following this story because I have many friends up there who are being affected by this.

Good luck with the protest! I hope the medical community will listen!