Saturday, June 6, 2009

Diaper Bums

I love a diaper bum!!! I'm not sure what it is but I have always loved taking pictures of my kids in just their diaper!!! I just love the above picture of Addyson!!! I love the look of her fresh, innocent, undamaged, unweathered skin. I love the cute skin rolls and chubby legs that I helped create with breastmilk! And I love the look of the cloth diaper on her hiney. The more I think about it I guess I can say I love this look because I have worked SO hard to acheive this look through natural parenting.

Here is baby Owen showing off his new diaper!
Another reason I love this look is because I love cloth diapers!!! I must admit that I was afraid to try cloth diapers in the beginning. I knew it was something I wanted to but it all seemed so overwhelming in the beginning. It wasn't until a trip to Austin to visit Brad's brother and his family that I tried one of Lucy's diapers on Owen and realized it wasn't so bad. Owen was 2 months old at the time and I have been using cloth ever since. The hardest part about cloth is washing them and really it isn't that bad!!! I think the benefits of cloth totally outweigh the small hassel of washing them. To ease this inconvience I have a stash of about 28 big diapers so I only have to wash every 4 days. To make this affordable I purchased the majority of them at but there is also a great local store in Fayetteville, Terra Tots, that is full of great information and has a large selection of diapers to choose from.

I believe every baby should wear cloth diapers. The benefits to you, your family, your baby, and the environment are endless. Cloth diapers are healthier, greener, and less expensive.

There are many health concerns associated with disposable diaper use, as these products are filled with chemicals and gels to absorb odor and moisture. Some chemically sensitive children have allergic reactions and diaper rashes from these substances. In fact, disposable diapers have been linked the development of asthma.

Cloth diapers are better for the environment, as they are reusable and can be saved for the next child. I purchased one size diapers so they grow with the child and then can be made smaller again to start out with the next baby! Quality cotton diapers will hold up for 75 - 100 washings (at minimum), and although energy is required for washing the diapers, it is a fraction of the energy used for disposables. I have found that if you put your diapers in the sun to dry instead of the diaper this not only saves energy but extends the life of your diaper dramatically!! According to Eartheasy, It’s estimated that 10,000 tons of disposable diapers are tossed into landfills each day. They can take up to 500 years to decompose! The manufacture of disposables uses over 1 million metric tons of wood pulp and 75,000 metric tons of plastic each year. The thought of leaving that to my children's children's children (plus some) to deal with makes me sick! Our need for what is quick and easy is going to be a burden on future generations, a yucky burden at that!!!

Now for the quick return part of using cloth diapers!! The average parent spends $2,694.54 for 7,349 disposable, single-use diapers (source: Natural Family Online). In contrast, we have spent about $200 to diaper Owen and can now diaper Addyson free of charge! Not only that but when we are done with the diapers I will turn around and sell them on diaperswappers and recoop some of my money! Try doing that with disposables!!!!

If you would like to make switch and need help or have questions feel free to ask!!! I'd love to help!!!

Here are Owen and Lucy in BumGenius diapers


Rincon Family said...

You should be writing an article for the company! You are so convincing!!

Dave and Jenn said...

You are so cool for using cloth diapers. I would totally do that too. And Terra Tots is great! I have bought a few baby gifts there before and think they are awesome.