Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Trip to Austin

After leaving Lafayette, LA we headed to Austin for days 5-7 of our road trip. The trip to Austin took a bit longer than we had originally expected. We thought it would take about 5-6 hours to get there but it took us about 8-9 hours and by the end of that time Owen was ready to GET OUT and PLAY!!!!! Luckily, we were headed to Chris and Holly's house and little Lucy was there ready to play too!!!! Since it was Lucy's birthday party weekend we weren't the only ones staying at the Brewster House. Holly's mom (Barbara), sister (Lisa), and brother-in-law (Mike) were staying there as well so it made for a really fun weekend!!! While they might not be family through blood they are our family in a round about way through marriage and we love them!!!! All three of them are really good with the kids and making them feel loved! It gives me so much joy to sit back and watch everyone interact!!!
Here is Uncle Mike taking them for a ride with their Elmos. Thank you Ama (Grandma) Barbara for getting Owen his own Elmo (reduced fighting and turned out to be a big hit!!!)!!!

Since Lucy was in Fayetteville for a visit not that long ago the kids picked up right where they left off and that was SO fun to watch!!! It makes me wish we lived closer so the kids could play together more often!!! We also found out that Holly is pregnant again!!!! It will be neat and make family get togethers a lot of fun. because all of the kids will have a playmate close to their age!

Here the kids are busy working!! They are putting clothes pins on the chair (they just saw Ama hang up diapers using the clothes pins). Owen thinks it is much easier to work with his tougnue hanging out!! : )

Brad's parents live right outside Austin so they got a chace to meet Addyson at Lucy's birthday party. Here they are holding her for the first time. It was nice for them to not only be able to meet Addy but to also be able to see Owen and how much he has changed since they saw him last at 9 months old. I bet a lot has changed! For instance, he has hair now!!! : )

We had a great time and can't wait for our next visit!! Lucky for us, that trip is already being planned. We are making it an annual trip to get together with Chris, Holly, Lucy, Barbara, Lisa, and Mike once a year! Last year we did it at Thanksgiving and rented a little cabin on Caddo Lake. This year we will do it around October (we will do Thanksgiving every other year) and we are trying to find a good meeting point for everyone. Can't wait for the fun!!!!

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