Friday, June 26, 2009

Owen's first haircut

We took Owen to get his first haircut today!! As you can tell from his "wings" he really needed a trim up.

Some might call us crazy for taking him to a salon to get it done but we weren't sure how he would do and thought we would make a big deal about his first cut. Daddy went first so he could see it was okay and fun!!! While daddy was finishing up, Owen and I walked next door to pick out a treat for him to eat while he was getting his haircut. He picked out chocolate chip cookies!!! We asked him if he wanted to sit in the seat and he wasn't a fan of that. Turns out that sitting on my lap was the best idea. He did really good and didn't squirm!!!! He wasn't a huge fan of the clippers but he tolerated them. I think his favorite part was watching himself in the mirror (you can see him checking out the cookie in his mouth in the video!!!)

All in all it was a great experience. Due to all the craziness of nursing Addy and getting our stuff together we forgot to take an after shot so this is the closest one I have.

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Rincon Family said...

This is so cute Owen! We do love your new haircut!