Sunday, June 21, 2009

Potty Time

About a week ago we decided to get a bit more serious about potty training. Owen had a really bad diaper rash, thanks to teething, and I thought it would be best to let him go bare bum all weekend. Turned out to be a success. We have his potty set up in the living room so we can turn on his "monkey" video, Madagascar, and he'll sit there and watch it forever. He is really good about sitting there if we put him on the potty and going but we haven't mastered him telling us that he needs to go. I was worried about working last week because I was afraid he'd get lost in the chaos at the gym and we would regress a bit as he got us to going potty in his diaper again. Turned out to be not true. I would get him up after nap (at home) and put him on the potty and he would go and we would be successful the rest of the night. The only times he went in his diaper were during the night and first thing in the morning before we had a chance to stick him on the potty. I think that is about to change!!!

Yesterday morning I was woken up by a little voice saying, "potty mommy, potty" over and over again. I looked at the clock and it was 5:55, grrr! I was hoping I could just get him to snuggle up and go back to bed. I went in to get him and his shirt was wet so I thought he was telling me that he had already gone potty. I asked him if he wanted to go to mommy's bed or go potty and he quickly said "potty". Eyes half shut, I rushed him out to the living room and soon after I heard some grunting! : ) I looked and he had gone pee and poop!!! Yay Owen!!! I couldn't believe it! We quickly did the potty march and gave him his treat (his yummy bear vitamin, he doesn't know it is good for him)! I thought that might have been an annomily but this morning was the same thing!!! He is now walking around the house in his big boy underwear! What a Father's Day gift!!!

** Update 6/21/09 at 5:30pm
We were coming home from the store, we were about 2 streets away, and Owen said, "Potty". I asked him if he had to go potty and he said yes so I asked him to "hold it". Not sure if he knows what that means but it worked!!! We got in the house and he was dry!!! I sat him on the potty and he went right away!!! We got up, marched, and he got a treat. He quickly went back and sat down and went poop!!! Way to go Owen!!!

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