Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tony and Alena's Wedding

Today we went to a family friend's wedding. Martha is a good friend of my mom and her son got married in Altus, aka Wine Country, today. Since my mom just had surgery a week ago she isn't allowed to drive so she asked me if I would mind taking her. I hesitated a bit because she isn't allowed to lift more than 5 pounds so I'd have no help with the kids. Luckily Emily, Aric's girlfriend, said she would come help so we made the road trip there.

My day started out at 5:55am thanks to Owen but for a good reason, I'll blog more about this later, so needless to say as I'm writing this I'm a bit tired! We left Fayetteville at 8:30 and I am very thankful for the Rick's bakery breakfast washed down with a vanilla Latte from The Perk that helped me get through the morning!!!

The wedding was beautiful and unfortunatly I don't have any pictures from the happy couple. I spent most of the wedding trying to teach Owen how to whisper which is darn near impossible being an offspring of Brad!!! Has anyone ever heard him whisper??? I'm still waiting for that! : )
I am glad I brought my camera though!! There is something super cut about kids at a wedding!!! They are always the first one on the dance floor and they are always excited to try out new moves!!! We hadn't been in the door a minute when Owen started busting a move!!!

My mom was also able to serve as a distraction to Addy as I filmed her smiling (note from the following blog that once she sees the camera she stops all action)

St. Mary's is a small church with about 300 families. They have 5 teams that rotate cooking food for weddings and other events. Today they served pasta with either chicken alfredo or red sauce and meatballs. Silly me gave Owen a bit of both! What was I thinking? The table cloth was red once he was done eating but at least he enjoyed it!

Since I'm usually the one taking the pictures I am hardly in any of them. I took advantage of Emily being there and I asked her to snap a bit of Addy and I. Not only is it nice to get some pictures me of to put in the kid's baby books I also like to send lots of pictures to Brad while he is on the road so he doesn't feel like he is missing out on too much. PS- it was super hard to get a picture of her with her head up. She likes to lift her head and try to sit up so every chance she gets to practice, which is every time she is in any position besides laying flat, she does.

It was a good day but by the end of it we were all tired!!! Getting up at the crack of dawn, followed by dancing (Owen), and kid juggling (me) makes for an early bed time.
One minute she is awake
The next she is asleep. I think both Owen and I were wishing we could get in and cuddle up with her!!

It has been a long day! Good night!

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