Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breastfeeding is Offensive

I remember the first time I nursed Owen in front of my family. We were celebrating my birthday with my brothers and my mom, to make matters "worse" we were at a restaurant!!! I quietly picked Owen up, barely lifted my shirt, and latched Owen on. I them pulled my shirt to the top of his mouth. From where I was looking it didn't look like any boob was showing. My mom quickly picked up his blanket and put it over his head and said, "don't you want to cover him up?" I said, "No, why should I? I'm not showing anything and he will get hot." From that point on, my mom hasn't said anything about me breastfeeding and covering up. In my mind a blanket over a baby's flailing arms screams, "Look at me, I'm a nursing baby!". If I barely lift my shirt and quietly latch him on, people have to do a double take to see if I'm nursing.

I'll never forget one of the first times I nursed Addy in public. We were at a fishing show with Brad and I sat down on a comfy chair to nurse. A lady with a screaming baby said, "My baby wants to do what your baby is going." I invited her to sit down and nurse with me. Later, her husband and his sister walked up and were shocked she was nursing in public like that. The only difference between her and I was she was covered up with a blanket and I wasn't. She told me her husband was paranoid of her nursing in public and other men looking at her boobs. Funny I thought, no one looks at my boobs when I nurse because they are covered up with a baby's mouth!!! Her sister-in-law then came and whispered something in her ear. After the sister left the mom told me what she said. The sister said, "that lady is going to make it on tv nursing in public like that." I thought, GREAT! Let the world see a nursing mom and let all those moms that nurse in the bathroom get inspired to stand up for their rights and their baby's!!! When we are hungry we eat, we eat in public, and we don't put a blanket over our head and eat in the stuffy dark, why should our babies???

I just came across this post and LOVED it so I thoughts I'd share!!! These pictures speak louder than words!

Breastfeeding is Offensive

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The Villars said...

Love the post. I remember nursing in public for the first time too. It was in a booth at Jose's when I was having lunch with you. :)