Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's not so picky anymore!!!

When Owen was a baby I use to brag about how good he would eat. Owen tried everything and ate what we did. I was so thankful to not have to prepare a different meal for him or buy baby food! During our travels to Singapore and the Dominican Republic he would eat the local food without any problems! And then it happened.... he turned 1!!!!! He realized he could spit food out and push things out with his tongue! I started seeing his tongue out of his mouth and food on his face more than I saw him chewing and swallowing food. It was SO frustrating. I'm sure many moms of infants/toddlers can sympathize with me. Some nights the only thing he would eat was a sweet potato (which after much worry I looked up and saw it was a super food, that eased some of my concerns) or a piece of bread. I started getting creative and would hide shredded carrots under a piece of cheese in a grill cheese sandwich or in scrambled eggs. I would hide spinach in a cheese quesadilla. If he was opening his mouth to take a bite of something I would try to sneak in a bite of veggie or meat for him to chew with his bite but that only worked 30% of the time. Looking back, I probably stressed too much about it but I was so worried he wasn't getting the nutrition he needed. The funny thing is is that this kid LOVES fresh fruit! He'll eat kiwi, mango, melon, and all sorts of berries and he likes them fresh not soaked in sugar water. So I should have known he was getting vitamis through this fruit. I guess I was just worried he would develop a sweet tooth and never eat veggies. Oh, I should say he did develop a love for salad which I thought was strange. It all started several months ago when Brad and I were eating a Cesar salad and he wanted some. So we started giving him salad almost every night with dinner to start to develop that taste for veggies.

My sister in law Holly said she didn't worry about what Lucy ate because she gave her vitmins every day so she knew she was getting enough of good things she needed to grow! So about 3 months ago I started giving Owen vitamins and have put my worries aside (well at least the ones that have to do with him eating).

I was told to keep giving Owen all of the options at dinner; fruit, veggie, meat, and carb and that he would eat what his body needed him to eat and one day he would start eating those things that he spit out. Well low and behold it happened!!!!! Sunday we went to mom's for dinner and she made mashed potatos. I told her Owen would NOT eat those (I know, really weird! What kid doesn't like mashed potatos????). I have been trying to get him to eat that for a year! He won't eat anything mashed up, not even his favorite sweet potato, and I wonder if that is because I never gave him baby food. But Sunday...... he ate it!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SHOCKED!!!! It didn't stop there. Yesterday I made a homemade pasta sauce with zucchini in it and he picked out the zucchini and ate them!!!!!!!! Today, he picked the peas out of the Shepard's Pie and ate them. I couldnt' believe it! I was trying to hide these things to see if I could "sneak them in" and he found them, picked them out, and ate them anyways!!!!! I don't want to jinx things but I feel like he is getting over his picky stage and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

So for you mommas out there with a picky toddler, don't worry, it will pass!!!!

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