Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy and Me Soccer

Every Thursday at 10 the Springdale All Star Sports Arena has Mommy and Me soccer. I've always wanted to take Owen but we've always had something else to do. Well I specifically kept today free so I could take him. He is really getting into sports these days but there are no programs I can put him in until he turns 3.... bummer!!! Well he got all ready and got to wear his new FC Bayern Munchen shirt we got while in Germany last year and he new running shoes. He was all set!!!

Today was a hit!! He loved every single minute of it... well except those times I tried to get him to line up with the other kids. He wanted NO part of that and wanted to keep running and kicking his ball so I just let him do as he pleased! He would put his ball down and say "1, 2, 3 go!" and start running! It was really cute. I also noticed that when the others played a game he would watch and at the very end he would participate. I think the more often we go the more he will participate in those games.

Owen hasn't been exposed to a lot of soccer, he mainly plays basketball. It was cute, when the coach would say to "dribble" he would pick up with ball and start dribbling it like a basketball!!" Besides working on a soccer dribble, I'll also have to teach him how to stop the ball with his feet instead of his hands!!!

At lot of moms commented on how good he was and were shocked to hear he had just turned 2!!! The coach came up to me at the end and told me I should put them in their soccer program there. I looked at the paper and it said the kids had to be 3!! I told her that Owen was only 2 so we would have to wait. She said if he was close to 3 they would let him slide in. That's when I told her he had just turned 2 and she was surprised. For now, I'll keep taking him to Thursday morning soccer and let him grow and develope and who knows...we might have the next David Beckham on our hands!!!

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Sara Wittenberg said...

Great! I'm so glad you're taking Owen there, it's a great place and he'll love it, as much as he loves balls!