Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pampered Mama Giveaway

BirthNetwork of NW Arkansas is a great organization that helps educate moms about their birth rights and options. I have become familiar with this organization and many of the moms in the group because they often support ICAN and have come to many of our functions and protests!!!

This month the group is trying to encourage moms that have given birth in the past 3 years to take part in the Birth Survey. To tell you a bit about this survey and group that is hosting it I took the following information right from their website:

We are a volunteer group dedicated to ensuring public access to quality of care information specifically related to maternity care providers and institutions. It is our intention to extend the current social trend toward transparency in health care into the virtually overlooked maternity care arena.

We believe that women of childbearing age must have access to information that will help them choose maternity care providers and institutions that are most compatible with their own philosophies and needs.

Having had a non-traditional (or should I say non-welcomed) hospital VBAC recently I was happy to share my thoughts about the doctor, hospital, and nursing staff! I wish I would have known prior to birth that there was a place like this I could look up the ratings and feedback of the hospital I was using! I hope that what I experienced and my feedback will help another momma or two!!!!

I must not forget to mention that another perk to filling out this survey is that the BirthNetwork is having a drawing for all those that complete the survey by September 30th!!! I have the chance to win
• A Massage Package from BirthSong Midwifery
• A $70 Gift Certificate from East Meets West Salon
• A Photo Shoot and 8X10 from Kimberlea Bass Photography
• A $50 Gift Certificate to Greenhouse Grille
• Two Tickets to Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider at the Walton Arts Center - Fri Nov 06, 8:00 p.m.

And after surviving 2 weeks alone with the kids I could REALLY use the pampering and a night out with Brad (our 4 year anniversary is next week)!!! Wish me luck!!!

Oh, and if you've given birth within the past 3 years please take a few minutes to fill out the survey yourself!!! You could be helping another momma!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Imagine Tomorrow

Marti, at Pages of Parenting bookstore in Fayetteville, brought a country wide computer program, Imagine Tomorrow to Arkansas. The official start date for classes is October 5th, but she offered a day of trial class today so I took Owen to try it out!

Imagine Tomorrow is a computer class, designed especially for 2 to 7 year old children. The children are named as "computer detectives," and they not only learn basic computer skills, but they are also immersed in other concepts like thinking and problem-solving skills, early reading and writing skills, and teamwork. The classes are small, with only 5 kids at a time, so each child works at their own pace, on their own computer. This is not a parent-child class so I left Owen to learn with his friend Jacob and the teacher Savanah!When I came back he was SO excited to show me what he had learned!

While the program is meant for kids 2.5-7 and the parents are not required to stay, the teachers learned today that maybe a little bit of parent help with the younger kids would be a good idea!!!
It is a great class and I am looking forward to Owen learning more about the computer and how it has many more purposes besides mommy writing emails and blog entries!!!

If you are interested you can contact Marti at Pages of Parenting or check out the website at imaginetomorrow. com.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nammie's Birthday BBQ

Happy Birthday Nammie!!!

Mom's birthday was on Wednesday, being midweek it is hard to get everyone together to celebrate! Mom's friend Larry had come by my house a week earlier and said he wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party and enlisted me to help. He decided to have a BBQ at the Tontitown Park. It ended up being a great suggestion!It was a beautiful day, actually a beautiful weekend! The sun was shining and it was about 85 degrees!!! Probably the last nice weekend of the summer. Couldn't have picked a better day! The location was great! There were so many things for the kids to play on and they had a bocce ball "court" for the older guys to play!!! I got a lot of great pictures!!! You can see them on our flickr page! And the company was even better!! Kellen, Ryan, Gina, and Troy, were there as well as Larry and his family and a couple of mom's friends. Our friends Rosemary and Ana Marie "Mia" joined us for the fun as well! It was great for the kids to get to play together!
After the kids were done playing, we headed back to the pavilion to eat! We filled up on hamburger, hot dogs, cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad and of course we left room for "happy cake"!!!!
Once Owen realized that we were about to sing and eat "happy cake" he got very excited!!! He is watching me write this blog and is now asking for more "happy cake"! I'll have to send him over to Nammie's to get some of the leftovers!!! What a great day!!

Happy Birthday Nammie!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sibling Fun

While I was pregnant with Addyson, I had one thought that keep playing in my head "What would poor Owen do?" He was a momma's boy. He was an only child. He always had my undivided attention. When he needed something, I was able to get it for him immediately (when possible.
How was all of this going to change with the newest addytion? How was his little world going to be turned upside down? How would this affect him? Would he feel neglected? I had so much guilt. Crazy, I know!!! Not many of us out there are only children, myself included. We all survived our growing families and Owen did too!!!

While he is no longer an only child and he doesn't always get my undivided attention and he usually has to ask for something several times before I can get it or actually hear him asking (I'm learning to tune some things out), I think he may be a happier kid!!!

He has an important roll in this family, the roll of big brother, and he takes it very seriously. He is not only protective of her and her things, he is also attentive to her needs and makes sure she has something to play with or makes sure that I nurse her when necessary. And while I always thought that would be the case, there is another big roll each of them play in the others life that I didn't think of, at least I didn't think of it happening so soon. They are eachother's playmate and great source of entertainment!!! How lucky is Owen to have someone to laugh at him as he walks across a bean bag chair.... I would have never done that!!! How lucky is Addyson to have someone see what makes her laugh and do it over and over again until she is done laughing.... I usually tire out after a couple of repetitions! Funny thing is, Addyson was done laughing 20 minutes later but Owen wanted her to keep laughing. He kept walking back and forth calling her name but had no luck.

I love to listen to the two of them giggle. It is music to my ears! Looking back at all my worries about Owen, I think to myself about all the lost time of unnecessary worries!!! Siblings are so much fun!!!! And while his world HAS changed, it has changed for the better!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Razorback Weekend!

The kids and I enjoyed a wonderful Razorback weekend!!!! Friday night we went to our first Razorback volleyball game!!!! It was so much fun!!! Rosemary had given us tickets and Sara went with us. This was Addyson's first time to any Razorback sporting event!! She had so much fun watching the game, smiling at the people, and cheering with the rest of the Razorback fans!!!

This was the first Volleyball game of the SEC! Razorbacks won in 3 against South Carolina!!!! Owen had so much fun watching the first two sets!!! Being a toddler, he was done with sitting at half time and took to walking up and down the stairs!!!
I was SO thankful Sara went to the top to keep an eye on him while I watched down below!!! Once he saw the Hog mascot, he got in Sara's lap so she could protect him!!! He loves the razorbacks as long as they keep their distance!!! : )

Saturday was the first football home game!!! We didn't have tickets, I figured it would be a lot to juggle with 2 kids. We still wanted in on the action and Owen wanted to go see the Razorbacks so we met up with Rosemary, Ana Marie, and Sara to walked around and take part in all of the cheering!!
The kids has so much fun people watching!!! A lot of people also like my single stroller converted to a double stroller invention!!!! I do have to say though, pushing 2 kids around a crowded area, most of which is hilly, makes for one sweaty and tired momma!!!!

Sara offered to push but once Owen realized I wasn't pushing he cried!!!! Silly me, if I wouldn't have gone to take a picture he would have never know!!! Thanks though for your help Sara!!!

There is a small grassy hill that people can sit on and watch the game. You don't have the best view (there are some shrubs planted to block part of your view, strategic? I think so!) but you are close to the big tv that you can watch and catch the plays! It was just enough for us!!! The game was a high scoring game, especially the first 10 minutes!!! We stayed for the first 3 touch downs and then headed out. Addyson was tired and Owen was ready to eat. We went to get pizza and cheer the Hogs on!!!! Unfortunately, the Hogs lost to the Georgia Bulldogs 52-41 even though our new QB set some awesome school records!!! Should make for an exciting season!!!
Sunday we had tickets to go to another Volleyball game!!! This match was the Razorbacks vs. the Florida Gators!

Once again, Owen and Addyson had so much fun watching the players, cheerleaders, and fans!!! This time we took Nammie along with us!!!
Addyson got to meet Big Red!!! She went to him with no hesitation! I just think his big nose got in the way of her really being able to look at him!!!
After her picture, Big Red came and sat in the stands and Addyson got a kick out of it!!! She was squealing with joy and flailing her arms!!! Now Owen on the other hand..... he kept a close on on the Hog to make sure he wasn't going to get any closer!!!! Owen didn't even want to wave to him!!! I was trying to show him how brave Addy was being to see if that would influence his decision but had no luck!!!The Florida Gators ended up wining in 3 but we had fun anyway!!! I hope we get to go to some more games this year and maybe next time we'll be able to bring along Brad so he can join in on the fun!!!

Owen really enjoys calling the hogs. The only problem is that he thinks you say "Razorbacks" each time so when they didn't he got a bit confused, which you can see in the video. I had so much fun watching the two of them this weekend!!! After a weekend of seeing the Hogs every day Owen is going to be a bit disappointed when Monday brings no Razorbacks!!!

Here's to more Razorback fun this year!!!

Woooooo Pig Sooie!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 5 Months Addyson!!!

Our baby girl is growing like a weed!!!!

I think the time goes SO much quicker with the second baby!!! I can't believe she is 5 months old. Where have those 5 months gone???? I'm trying to soak up every moment with her and Owen but for some reason it seems like I'm missing so much!

Addyson continues to be a happy baby!!! And it is not just me saying that! Family, friends, and people out in public are always commenting on her happy, laid back nature. She love tummy time, especially when she can watch Zaboo with big brother!

She is also a VERY active baby!!!! I thought it would be so cute to take her 5 month picture with her sitting up next to a sign (I've seen this on other blogs). I know I'm starting a bit late but better late than never, right? Well the minute I sat her down and she say the piece of paper she immediately went for it! No matter where I put the paper, her, or what I was holding to try to distract her she went for it. I took several pictures and most of them were blurry because of her moving. Maybe I'll have better luck next month ; )

This month has been a very busy month for Addyson. She had her first airplane ride, her first international trip, her first trip to an amusement park, her first Toddler Time at the library, and tonight, her first Razorback event!!!! She rolled over from belly to back for the first time at the beginning of the month and now she rolls in circles all over the place. She does not like to lay on her back for very long; she either rolls over or tries to sit up. Once placed in a sitting position, she can sit by herself for about a minute (or shorter if there is something within reach that she wants). When she is on her tummy she moves her legs as if she were crawling! All she has to do is figure out how to move her arms and she'll be off!!!!!

She reaches for everything in sight and wants to put everything in her mouth. As I said before, she is VERY active. If her arms aren't moving her legs are!! Even when nursing she is either kicking her legs or playing with her feet.

This month she has become very giggly!!!!! She loves to smile and laugh!!! It doesn't take much to get her to do either! She continues to be her big brother's biggest fan!!!! She loves to squeal and talk!!! She is very good about putting herself to sleep which makes mommy very happy!!! If I nurse her in bed then I can leave and she'll talk herself to sleep!!!

I continue to be amazed at her strength. She can stand on her legs with very little support!!! She pulls on your fingers to sit up. If she wants something bad enough she can pull it out of your hands! When you carry her, she likes to be carried on your hip so she can see out and she can support her own back and neck! She DOES NOT like to be carried or rocked like a baby!! She is a big girl! Our big girl and we are so proud!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Birthday Weekend!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

What a great weekend I have had!!! When Brad asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told him to be able to have a long date night with him (the longest we've been away since Addy was born was 3 hours or so) and a trip with our family (crazy I know since we were just getting home from our 3 week trip to Canada). What else does someone who has no wants ask for? Being a mommy to 2 healthy and happy kids and a wife to a wonderful and hard working husband is all I need!!! I am so blessed!!! It seems kind of weird to be writing my own birthday post but I wanted to share details of my weekend with you.

Well Brad is so sweet and wouldn't let my birthday go by without celebrating and he knows me well enough to know that I would love to celebrate all weekend and that is what we did!!!!

Friday night he arranged Aric's girlfriend's sister Amelia to watch the kids!!! She came at 6 with her friend and Brad had arranged for her to stay until midnight!!! I don't think we've been out that late in ages!!! Us old folk go to bed when the sun goes down ; )!!! We had a yummy sushi dinner at Wasabi!!! We ordered the biggest thing on the menu!!! We got lots of looks as the waitress brought it out!!! After that we bar hopped on Dickson Street with the Rincons until midnight!!!! Rosemary and I were having so much fun we didn't want to go home but we had babysitters waiting for us!!! We'll have to do that again sometime!!!

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Farmer's Market, a favorite family activity!!! It was a beautiful morning!!! We enjoyed walking around, listening to music, and getting coffee and breakfast at Jamin' Java!!!! When we get coffee, Owen gets a cup of whipped cream!!!! His favorite!!! : )

We had planned to go to Fayetteville's First Annual Oktoberfest with the kids after the market but both of them fell asleep on the way there so we just headed home. I didn't know what Brad had planned for that evening but he said we all needed to be well rested!

After our naps, we headed out for our evening adventure!!! Brad gave me the hint that our activity would combine Owen's 2 loves- animals and sports!!! Well I knew there was no place close where you could watch elephants play soccer (we'd have to fly to India for that) so my next guess was horses playing ball!!!!!!!!! We were headed to Polo In The Ozarks!!! This is an awesome charity event for a wonderful organization, Lifestyles. We were so happy we could be a part of it!!

Here is Owen watching the game!!
(not the best picture but the only one we have with horses in the background! for some reason we didn't take many pictures.... guess we were having too much fun!!!)

Addyson had fun being outside, people watching, and looking at the horses!!!
During the break she went out and stomped divots with her daddy and saw the horses up close!!

There were also lots of great activities for the kids!!!! They had mini polo sets for the kids to play with as well as ring toss, throw the ball in the jug, and pony rides! Owen had so much fun!!!

After the polo match is over you can buy tickets for the gala where you stay for dinner, silent auction, and dancing!! (I wish I would have taken pictures of the beautiful set-up!!!) The Kappa Delta sorority even comes to offer free childcare!!!! We took both kids to eat dinner and then dropped Owen off to play with the kids!!! He had SO much fun!!! Addyson went to sleep in the stroller so Brad and I were able to enjoy a semi-kid free evening shopping at the silent auction, listening to the live band, and dancing!!!! It was a great evening!!! I can't wait to go again and I highly recommend this event to everyone, with our without kids!!!

Jennifer Flowers is a local photographer who was taking pictures of the event. She came up to me and asked me if she could take some pictures of Owen!! During a match break, Owen took advantage of the open field and was out there throwing the football by himself. Brad later joined him and she got some great pictures!!!
Sunday, September 13, is my actual birthday!!!! I was woken up by Owen bringing me breakfast in bed!!!! How sweet!!! I remember as a child making breakfast for my parents to eat in bed and I always wondered if my kids would do the same! It just melted my heart!!! Owen made me strawberry cream cheese and banana filled crepes with Brad's help!!! Brad made the crepes and Owen stuffed them!!! He even helped me eat them!!! That morning/afternoon we played with my birthday gift, a Wii Fit!!! We had so much fun!!!! That evening Brad made a yummy dinner and dessert for us some family and a couple of friends!!! The best part of the evening was when Owen sang me "Happy Birthday"!!! He knew almost all of the words!!! I love being a mommy!!!!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!! Thank you Brad for making this birthday so special for me!!! Thank you Owen and Addyson for giving me the best birthday gifts of all, your snuggles!!!! Here's to a wonderful year!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Becky, my sister, wanted to do something fun with the kids on our last day in Canada. Growing up, and even today, we would see the Marineland commercial on tv several times a day (we can recite the song by heart) and always wanted to go. The commercial has pretty much stayed the same over the years and we saw it several times on this trip. Becky got the great idea to take the kids there!!! And since it was a place both her and I have always wanted to go to, I think we were more excited than Owen!!!!

Owen loves animals so we thought this would be the perfect day trip!!! We went to Tim's to get our favorite breakfast snacks and then headed an hour and a half south to Niagara Falls where Marineland is located. Owen was so excited to point out the Killer Whales he saw in all the pictures at the entrance! The day was off to a great start!!! First stop, potty! Right beside the potty was the walrus exhibit! You could stand right next to their pool and then go down below to see how they swim under water! How neat, right??? Wrong! Owen wanted NOTHING to do with this up close experience. He screamed and cried "NO MOMMY NO"!! He buried his head in my shoulders and held on to me for dear life! I looked at Becky and asked her what did we get ourselves into? Did we just pay a ton of money to torture Owen all day? Was he going to be scared of everything else? We left there and had high hopes for the next exhibit.

Our next stop was the dolphin, sea lion, and walrus show! It is located in Marineland's big stadium! As we were walking up, Owen could see the big pool of water and immediately started crying and saying "NO"! I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to scare him anymore and give him a life long fear of animals but I also wanted to enjoy our day and show him that these creatures were behind a big wall and were harmless!!! So we quickly walked into the stadium and headed up the stairs!!! I figured if we sat far enough away he might eventually come around!!! The show started and he made me hold him and kept his head close to me so he could hide his eyes if need be. He sat like this for several minutes but every time the sea lions clapped or waved I asked him if he could do the same. He eventually warmed up and really started to enjoy the show!!! Becky and I breathed a huge sigh of relief and were excited for the rest of the day. Addyson, of course, was a gem!!! She was so happy and you could tell she was watching the show too!!! She would get excited, squeal, wave her arms, and tense up her legs!!! I was so happy she could enjoy Marineland too!!!

Our next stop was the deer farm where you could get up close and personal with the deer and feed them!!! We walked in the gate and here was this single deer just sitting there!!! We were able to walk up and put it!! Owen showed no fear and Addyson was curious to see what this big thing was!!!
As we turned the corner of the place we realized that they had SEVERAL deer here!!!! Owen walked right in and was ready to start feeding!!! Becky bought a cone filled with pellets to feed but didn't like how many of the deer were eager to eat!!!! She quickly passed the first cone off to me!!!!! She wanted to be brave and try again!!!! Here she is feeding the deer and trying to pass Owen some pellets to feed them too but you can see this didn't work so well!!!!

From there we went to see the beluga whales and killer whales at Arctic cove. Here you could go into the cave and see how the animals swam. It was dark so we didn't get great pictures but it was neat to get that close to the whales and see how gracefully they moved through the water. Here was where the killer whales had their show. There was no stadium seating so it was a bit hard for Owen to see. Also, due to their size, they don't move as quickly as the sea lion and dolphins so the show was a bit slower pace but still fun to watch!

After that we went to Friendship Cove to go feed the beluga whales!!! I wasn't sure how Owen would react getting THAT close to the whales but I wanted to be able to touch them so I bought Becky and I tickets!!!! During your beluga whale encounter you get to pet the whale and then reward them by feeding them fish!!! Owen wanted no part of touching them but was happy to watch!!! He held on to me tightly which I was fine with since it prevented him from screaming like he did at the walrus exhibit!!!
It was a neat experience!!!

Marineland has several rides but most of them were to big for Owen! It wasn't really a big deal since we went there to see the animals and not so much to ride the rides. He did ride one ride, the boat ride, and really enjoyed it!!!! We decided to go see the sea lion and dolphin show one more time instead of riding more rides!!! Turned out being a great idea because Owen really loved the show the second time around!!!
Thanks TeTe Becky for the fun day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heading Home

What a great trip it has been!!!! We have spent the past 3 weeks in Canada eating too much, drinking too much, snacking too much, and not getting enough sleep!! While it has been nothing but fun, I'm ready to go home!!! I'm ready to sleep in my own bed and so are the kids!!! I need to get back into a routine and so do the kids!!!! Both kids have been waking up several times a night this past week (which makes for one exhausted momma) and my only guess is that they are ready to go home! Today Owen asked to see daddy. I know the kids miss their daddy and I miss him too!!! We can't wait to see him tomorrow night!

We spent our last day here at Marineland in Niagara Falls! It was a wonderful day but we are all so tired. Being the procrastinator I am, I have a TON of packing to do. All I want to do is post pictures from today and tell you guys all about it but that will have to wait until I go home!!! Luckily we don't fly out until 1 tomorrow afternoon so I can do some last minute packing in the morning. So, speaking of flying, with me luck!!!! This will be my first time to fly with both kids by myself!!! I'm use to flying alone with Owen but to fly with 2, one of which is potty training and the other is nursing, I'm a bit nervous!!! Hopefully all will go well like it did on our flight up here. Owen is excited to ride in the plane and Addyson... well she is just a good baby anyways. So, the next time you hear from me I'll be back in the US!!!!!

What a great trip it has been!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

St. Jacobs

Today Mar and I took the kids to St. Jacobs Market!!! It is a farmer's market/ flea market that takes place every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year!!! I love going there in the summer when the streets are lined with vendors and musicians are playing!!!! Not only is it a neat experience for the market, which people drive a couple of hours to come be a part of it, but it is also neat for the cultural aspect of it. St. Jacobs Market is located in the Waterloo Region which is heavily populated by Mennonite farmers. Throughout town it is very common to see them going to a from work in their horse and buggies!!!

There are SO many wonderful veggies and fruits to pick from.
You can pick one....

...or you can pick a whole basket full!!!!

Since there are SO many yummy items to choose from, vendors are often giving out samples to prove theirs is the best!!!!!!!

Throughout the outside market there are many street performers. Here we stumbled across a balloon guy!!! Owen was excited to see him and quickly asked for one. I know this is hard to believe but, I still haven't changed my money over (even though we've been here over 2 weeks), so I had no change to give him. I told him that mommy had no money and he wasn't very pleased to hear that. The balloon guy leaned over told Owen to tell mommy not to worry this one would be on him. I thought, how sweet. Not too soon after that a young lady came up and handed Owen a dollar to give the guy! What a nice gesture and so refreshing to know there are still kind-hearted people in this world!!! Of course we will pass the kind gesture on to the next person!!!... once I change my money over!! : )
Towards the back of the market there was a small petting zoo for the kids!!! You could buy a small thing of feed for the animals for a dollar. Once again Owen asked so nicely and once again mommy had to tell him she had no money!!! No worries! Owen being the observant kid he is realized that as the goats ate the food from some of the kids a lot of the feed fell to the ground! He went over and started picking up the little pieces and feeding them to the goat one by one!!! He had so much fun doing this plus it was free!!!!!!!!!Addyson also loved looking at all the animals!!! And I am very thankful that Mar offered to carry Addy in the sling around the market for me!!!

It was getting very hot outside so we decided to venture inside. Inside is a bit intense as it is bustling with people!!! This is were the meats, cheeses, and baked good can be found. There is also a small food court where people line up out the door to eat!!!! We were there smack dab in the middle of lunch rush hour but it made for a fun experience!!!
This is were we get the BEST butter tarts in the world!!!!It was a wonderful day! This trip comes highly recommended to any visitors that might be in the area!!!! Go by and check it out for yourself!!!

Naptime Drama

I know I recently blogged about how great Owen was doing at going to sleep by himself at nap time. And while I want to believe that I have "that perfect child", vacation/not being in our normal routine has reminded me, or should I say caused Owen to slip away from his perfectness!!! ; ) So, with that being said.......

Have you ever tried to get your VERY TIRED child to take a nap with no avail? You know, where you sit there and say to yourself, "Child, I know you are super tired and I know all you want to do is close your eyes but instead you are desperately trying everything you possibly can to stay awake." How did the child get to this point? Have you gone so far past naptime that they have gotten a second wind? Is the child so tired that s/he is too wound up to sleep? Why do they fight sleep? Why not just lay down and take that much needed rest? All of these questions are going through my mind as I laid down with Owen today to get him to nap.

Today we went to St.Jacob's market. We left for the market at 10:30 and it is about a 20 minute drive. Right before we got there Owen fell asleep (so I knew he was tired). We stayed there until about 2 and the whole time he walked around and had a great time. Knowing this, I thought for SURE he'd be asleep before we left the parking lot. Boy was I wrong!!! He stayed awake the whole way home.

We were all exhausted from walking around so Mar and I thought it would be great to lay down and nap with the kids!! See, I was secretly hoping he would stay awake for the ride home so I could nap with him!!! Once we got in the house he started playing ball right away. Maybe I should have stopped him here and not let him get his second wind. He was SO wound up but I knew he had to be sleepy so I was hoping he would burn off that bit energy.

As usual, I gave him his 5 minute warning and then took him up to bed. At my dad's house he has been sleeping on a pallet (what my grandma calls a bunch of blankets on the floor that you put a sheet over and sleep on. I say this because no one in this house seems to know what a pallet is) on the floor next to my bed. The past couple of days, during nap time, he wants to sleep on the bed and not on the floor and today was no different. I usually lay down and close my eyes, I do this hoping he thinks I'm asleep so he should go to sleep too!!

Today we haven't been laying down more than 2 minutes before he gets on my back and starts bouncing up and down saying "gallopy, gallopy horsey". He is laughing and having a great time. I roll over, hoping this will cause him to fall off, land on his pillow, and realize it is time to go to sleep. Yeah right. Now it is a game. He climbs back up and starts to gallop again. We do this several times until I realize this isn't going to work. Now what do I do? I leave the room. I told him I would come back and lay with him when he was ready to go to sleep. I come and sit at the computer which is close to his room and I notice his baby brush outside his door and it wasn't there before!! This must mean he is NOT in bed sleeping (did I really think that was going to work?). I go back in and say he says he needs to "potty". We get up, go downstairs, and I sit him on the potty. This takes 20 minutes (as usual) but he does what he needs to and I think "great, he can sleep now!" We go BACK upstairs and I say, "ok, it is time to go night night". We crawl in bed, Owen with brush in hand, and I close my eyes again. Owen now thinks it is time to brush mom's hair, brush his hair, brush mom's eyes, and brush mom's nose. Is this kid EVER going to go to sleep?????

Now I tell him, "if you can't go to sleep in the big boy bed we are going to have to sleep on the floor" and we move to the pallet, he still has the brush. Again, I close my eyes, this time hoping for a miracle. Owen now thinks the walls need to be brushed, the pillow needs to be brush, and he needs to swish his feet on the wall. I'm going CRAZY and reminding myself to be patient. I can't say anything, right, I'm sleeping! Well it becomes too much so I quickly tell him that the brush needs to go "night night" too and he can get it after nap and again I close my eyes. He once again says "potty" but I ignore him thinking there is NO WAY he needs to go after all he did a couple of minutes ago in the potty. Next, he finds the advertisement out of a magazine that sells you a magazine subscription and starts reading it. I think, no big deal. Maybe he'll read himself to sleep. Next thing I know, he takes a bite! Yep, he starts eating the paper! I'm about to loose it. Again, I leave the room. I sit down at the computer (in the hallway outside his door) and my stepmom asks me if he is asleep. Just as I'm about to tell her "NO but let me tell you what he has been doing" we see little pieces of paper on the floor outside his door and another one on its way out. He is emptying my bag of papers and putting them under the door one by one. At this point I tag out to go nurse Addy and she takes over.

I hear him giggling and carrying on and think there is NO way that boy is ever going to take a nap today. She later tells me that right as he was about to drift off he peed the bed.... OOPS!!! I guess he did need to go potty after all! She gets him up to change him and at this point she needs to leave to go pick up my dad from work. She loads Owen up in the car for the ride and guess what..... he is asleep before they turn off our street! If he would have only listened to me in the beginning!!! : ) I knew that guy was tired!!!!

Oh, the adventures of naptime!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She found her feet!!!!

Not only has Addyson found her feet but she absolutly LOVES her feet!!!! She has been reaching for her feet for some time now. She likes to grab ahold of them and then stretch out. Now she realizes she can bring her foot up to her mouth and such on her toes!!!!

She is a mouthy baby anyways and love to suck on everything she can pull towards her mouth. What great joy she must having now knowing she can suck on her toes any time she wants!!! : )

At naptime, and sometimes at night, I have been letting her fall asleep on her own. I never really got a chance to do this with Owen because he would fuss and I don't believe in letting the babies "cry it out". Addyson, on the other hand, is pretty good about laying there, finding something to play with or suck on, and falling asleep on her own. Now that she found her toes that is her go to thing!!!

So above are the before pictures!! As she was putting herself to sleep.

Here is the after!!! I went in to check on her and she was still holding her feet!!! So cute!