Friday, December 18, 2009

8 months already?!?!

Can you believe Sweet Pea is already 8 months old? I can't believe we are already starting to plan her 1st birthday party! Is it just me or does time fly with your second kid????

Addyson is a very active and very happy baby girl!!! She is always on the go or looking around to see what she can get into!!!! She likes to pull up on everything and cruise up and down the couch or around big toys and she often lets go and can stand on her own for several seconds. She is not a big fan of having help to walk. I try to get her to hold my hand and take a few steps but she sits down right away. I guess she thinks she can do it better by herself!!! She is already a very independent woman!!!!Because she is so independent she is very good at playing by herself. The only thing I have to be careful about is watching what she puts in her mouth.... well she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, so really I just have to make sure that what she puts in her mouth is safe. She recently discovered where we keep the dog bowls so she can been seen chewing on a piece of dog food, nice Addyson, nice! Paper products seem to be one of her favorites to chew on!
She is a good eater and still a very good nurser. When we sit down to eat she is ready to sit in her chair and eat with us! Black beans are one of her favorites, actually I think it is her #1 favorite food to eat. Can a kid eat too many beans???? She also like sweet potatoes, peas, guacamole, noodles, spinach, and a new found favorite is asparagus!!! She is not a huge fan of fruits which in our books is good because she is developing a taste for the salty foods instead of sweet foods!!! She loves to pick up the food off her tray and eat it! I have offered her some local organic baby food and she spits it out in disgust! Guess it is hard to eat pureed, plain food when you are use to picking up yummy, whole foods off your tray and eating by yourself! After her favorite dinner of black beans she looks like she is growing a beard!!! : )
Addyson continues to be Owen's biggest fan but it is getting a bit harder to keep him from wrestling her or taking away every toy she wants to play with. It doesn't help that she puts every toy in her mouth and he doesn't like her to "eat" his toys. She recently started "kissing" more. She leans in towards the dogs and gives them an open mouth kiss on the head. It is really cute! Here she is giving Owen a nice, big, slobbery kiss!!!
She is becoming more verbal. She has her little squeal she does and she also says "dada" and "nana" (I'm trying really hard to make it sound like "mama"!!!). She has a great personality and am looking forward to see how she grows this next month!!!

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