Sunday, December 27, 2009

Branson Trip

My mom has started the tradition of not getting us gifts for Christmas instead, she takes us all on a trip. For us, this ideal. We have the viewpoint that no one really remembers what they got last year, let alone 3+ years ago, for Christmas but most people can recall memories from trips they've taken. Because of this, Brad and I don't get each other much for holidays or birthdays and instead save up that money to travel with! I'm glad my mom has decided to do the same!

Even though 2 of my brothers live in the same town as us, between families, work, and school, it is hard to get all of us together. Now that Aric goes to school at Vandy, we only have a couple of times a year that we all see each other. Needless to say, much advance notice is needed to pull this one off!!! Luckily, it worked for EVERYONE's schedule this year!!!
We use this time to open our Christmas gifts. We have been drawing names for a long time now and this year was even more fun because Aric and Kellen's girlfriends names were thrown in the hat!!! This year was a bit more tricky though because there was no list. Why? I have NO idea! I felt bad for the girls since they didn't know us all that well to know what to get us but I have to say everyone did a good job picking out gifts this year! (I do think I'll try to get a list together for next year though!)
The kids drew names as well!!! Troy got Addyson's name and thought that meant he got to help her open up her gift as well!!! : ) Luckily, Addyson welcomed the help!
She loved the pull froggy he got her.
We never really have a lot on our "schedule", it is mainly time to catch up, relax, and eat, drink, and be merry!!! This year mom found a big condo that could fit all of us (instead of 3 separate hotel rooms) and had 2 living rooms for us to hang out in together! We ate breakfast and dinner at the room and everyone did a great job of pitching in! Kaitlyn even did dishes for the first time!!! : )
The first night there was Kellen's birthday and Owen's half birthday!!! We celebrated with lots of yummy desserts like this cheesecake Kellen is cutting!!! While Owen was excited to celebrate his half birthday, Kellen wasn't so thrilled about having to share his special day!!! ; ) He was a good sport though and humored his 2 year old nephew but made sure he got the first piece of cake!
At night we hung out after the kids went to bed and played games!!! It was so much fun! Made me wish we got together more often! Not sure what the 2 crazy cats are doing in the above picture but I can say that it involved drinking "something" out of an ice cream scooper followed by drinking pancake syrup.... Brad comes up with the craziest ideas!
After a long day I found Addyson asleep on daddy's chest!!!! So cute!!!
Thanks mom for the great Christmas present!!! It was a wonderful couple of days!

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