Friday, December 25, 2009

Our White Christmas

The last time Fayetteville had a winter snow storm on Christmas morning was back in 1975 so you could say we were pleasantly surprised to wake up to a White Christmas!!! To have the sun shining off the newly fallen snow was a great backdrop for a wonderful morning with our family! It made for great pictures of our new house as well! ; )

After admiring the snow from our bedroom, we headed to the living room to open presents!!! Owen couldn't wait to get started!
He went right to the presents so we ended up opening the stockings after all the gifts were open! Santa usually fills our stockings with lots of yummy treats which Owen wanted to open up right away! Since it was Christmas we didn't put up to much of a fight against that so Owen had a Little Debbie Christmas tree cake and Chex mix for breakfast!! Just what every kid dreams of!!

Poor Addyson has been teething for the past week! She is getting all 4 top teeth in at one time! Ouch!!! She has had a fever the past 2 nights but luckily felt pretty good this morning but not at her best. She wasn't a huge fan of opening gifts which Owen was very happy about! This meant he got to help her open all of her gifts!!! Addyson was a fan of tasting all of the wrapping paper! :)Grandma and Grandpa got her her first purse!!!! I was really excited to see this one! I had been eyeing one but ended up passing on it! Now I'm thankful I did!!! This is a Melissa & Doug purse which is much nicer than the one I was looking at! Owen did a good job of helping show her all of her gifts!After all the craziness had calmed down, Addyson and I sat and looked at her photo album of family I made her! (Look at the mess in the background! Owen didn't open gifts by ripping big pieces of wrapping paper off, instead he tore lots little pieces which made for quit the mess!!!) It was nice to sit back and enjoy the morning with her!
Owen and Addyson also got a chalkboard from Grandma and Grandpa. Here he is our, little artist at work!
Poor baby girl was tired from all of the excitement. She laid her head down for a little rest. I'm a bit sad that she doesn't feel very good today. I really wanted her to have a great first Christmas but to her (and every other baby out there) it was just another day and she didn't feel like she was missing out on anything. To her, being surrounded by her family, snuggling with mom, playing with big brother, and smiling at dad makes it a great first Christmas!
After opening gifts we sat down to our traditional Christmas breakfast!!! We make the breakfast casserole that Brad's mom made every year and it is SO yummy!!!! A plus to this tradition is that it is SO easy to make and doesn't create a lot of dishes! We can make it the night before and then let it bake in the morning while we open gifts! After opening gifts, which works up ones appetite, the casserole is done and ready to be eaten!!! Addyson could barely keep her eyes open long enough to eat!
After breakfast, while Addy napped, Owen and Brad went outside to play in the snow!!! It was dry snow so it wasn't great for packing but they worked really hard to make a snowman!!!
I sat in the den (in the warm house), in the peace and quite, and took it all in!!! Sitting back and surveying the "damage" from the morning, while watching the boys play outside, and knowing I had a sleeping baby in the crib, made me realize all I have to be thankful for! What a wonderful Christmas morning!
Here the guys show off "Crosty" the snowman!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Dave and Jenn said...

I love the pictures you took of the snow and your house! Looks like you had a great day! Poor Addyson - I hope she feels better soon.