Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Visit

This picture needs no words but I do want to tell you about our visit. Of course we pick one of the busiest nights to go see Santa so we ended up waiting in line, well I'm not really sure the exact time and it is probably better that I don't wear a watch! Let's just suffice it to say we waited there well over 30 minutes and probably closer to an hour. We were there long enough for Addyson to get tired and Owen to see enough kids before him cry that he wasn't sure keen on the idea of sitting on Santa's lap even though earlier today he said he was going to see Santa. Of course, in his mind, he can SEE Santa WITHOUT sitting on Santa's lap!

I get the great idea to let Addyson go first so we can get one good picture with her and Santa and then we are going to do a "sneak attack" with Owen, drop him on Santa's lap and run so they can snap a quick picture and Viola! Well not such a great idea. What you get is the above picture! First of all, Addyson DID NOT like sitting on Santa's lap. She was holding on to me for dear life when we walked up to him. The minute I put her down she cried (and she doesn't cry much so you know it must have been bad!). I say this so you don't think she was crying just because Owen was. So they took 2 pictures and then we put Owen down who started screaming the minute he got within arms reach of Santa. Poor Santa! I should probably say Poor Owen and Poor Addyson as well!! Before long Owen had slid down (he shirt was up to his head) so his feet could touch the ground and Santa was still holding on. At this point I was afraid he was going to drop Addyson, wouldn't that have been a great ending to her first Santa visit! We quickly aborted the mission, gave Addyson her yum yum, and Owen a candy cane and all was better!!! Owen happily waved good bye to Santa and Addyson was happy to be back with her momma and eating her favorite treat! Tonight, as we were talking about our day, I asked Owen if he cried when he saw Santa and he informed me that it was Addyson that cried!! : ) He must have been the one that was sympathy crying! ; )

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Melissa said...

This is fabulous! Since Hayden's first Santa experience when he was 11-months-old we haven't made him sit on Santa's lap... he was not a fan. He just wants to say "hello" to him from afar... so that is what we do. Pretty funny stuff. I wrote a post about it: http://melner.blogspot.com/2009/12/fun-with-santa.html

Gotta love it.