Friday, March 27, 2009

Our turn for boy's night

Tonight was my/our turn to host Mommy's Night Out. I am thinking we might change the name to Boy's Night. I realized watching them that they have as much fun getting together and playing as us parents do getting out for a date night. Jacob and Ian have never been to our house but that didn't seem to phase them much. Everyone jumped right in playing, dancing (we had Rafi playing in the background), and chasing poor Skippy around!!! For dinner we ordered pizza and cheese sticks and had a picnic on the living room floor. I wish I would have taken a picture of that, it was super cute!! After dinner we played with Gymboree bubbles (if you don't have any they are a must!!! those bubbles go way up high and float forever!!!!) which were a real hit. Dessert was cinimmon sticks and blueberries which the blueberries were the bigger hit!!! It was a great time and I can't wait to do it again!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready or Not!!!!

Today I am a day away from being 38 weeks pregnant. What does that mean? Well it means I am full term and the baby can safely come at any moment now. Since Owen was 10 days late I'm assuming this baby will be late as well so Brad and I really haven't been on the ball about getting anything ready for this baby. Is it because we think the baby will be late and there is no hurry? Is it because this is our second rodeo? Whatever the reason is, we are not fully prepared. What have we done? Well, we pulled out the car seat and it is sitting in our living room (a constant reminder that the seat must be installed for us to be able to bring baby home from the hospital), we found the baby clothes and have the summer ones separated from the fall ones (still in the bin we found them in), we made the crib baby height (no sheets though), I bought one pack of size 1 diapers (luckily we have a ton of one size cloth diapers that I plan for baby and Owen to share), and we have talked about names (haven't finalized any yet). Looking at this list I realize we really haven't done much but until today I really haven't thought much about it. Why, all of a sudden, am I going over my list? Well today I went to the doctor for a check-up and the nurse asked me if I wanted doc to strip my membranes. Having never been given that option with Owen I had no idea what she was talking about. So, I calmly ask, "What does that mean?" The nurse informs me of the process (I'll spare you the details) and lets me know this is a natural way to induce labor in some women. After giving me the info she leaves the room and an overwhelming sense of warmth and nervousness comes over me all at once. I feel I'm about to have a panic attack. NO, I can't be induced, I'm NOT ready!!! For one, Brad was out of town and he he is not suppose to be home until Thursday. Two, I have this terrible cough and so does Brad and Owen so we need to be better before we bring a baby home or before I am told to "PUSH" in the middle of a coughing fit. Three, refer to my above list. I'm not ready!!! But, will I ever be ready? Is one ever really ready for change? Change is always scary and I guess a lot of it is because of fear of the unknown. Boy, am I staring down that fear as it stands on my doorstep!!!! I thought, this is easy! I'm not longer a new parent! I've done this before, what is there to be scared of? Well, I guess I am a new parent! I am about to be a new parent to a second child and I have NO IDEA what is in store for me. All I know is, ready or not this baby is coming!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary Oma and Opa

This date 60 years ago my Oma and Opa got married!!! I wish I had a picture of their wedding day but those pictures are all up in Canada. Above is a picture of them at our wedding three and a half years ago. I am sad to say that Oma and Opa were not able to celebrate this wonderful day due to my Oma's passing in January but I don't feel that makes this day any less special. As a young couple with young kids my Opa left Germany for a better life for his family in Canada. After Opa found work in Ontario and a place to live my Oma packed up the kids, left her family, and took a 2 week boat ride to a foreign country where she didn't know anyone and didn't know the language. They were true pioneers of their time and paved the way for a bright future for their family. I sit back and am in awe of all they accomplished and all they sacrificed and am very greatful for all the sacrifices they made so I could have a brighter future.

Today I think about my poor Opa who will celebrate this day alone. While my Oma was sick and in ICU Opa kept saying, "I just want her to make it until our 60th anniversary." It broke my heart and still does. We are thinking about you Oma and Opa and thank you for setting a great example of what a true marriage is and sticking out things in good times and bad. I only hope Brad and I can set the same example for our family. Wir haben euch lieb Oma and Opa!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our healthy toddler boy

We took Owen this morning for his 18 month check up. I know, I'm a little late seeing as he'll be 21 months in a week and a half but life was a little crazy around that time and Dr. Keever is very hard to get in to see!!! During his check up we also had Owen get his first round of the MMR shot. I think this shot is normally given at the 15 month check up but we made the decision to do a delayed shot schedule based on research surrounding the Autism scare. Besides the fact that Dr. Keever is super friendly and great with not only kids but also with the parents, we love the fact that he honors our decision about shots and out natural parenting choices we have made. I think the fact that is he very natural parenting friendly is what makes him such a popular choice and in turn very hard to make an appointment with. Luckily we know the trick of calling Jane, his nurse, and getting "in the back door" for an appointment.

Dr. Keever gave Owen the thumbs up and said he is doing great and is very healthy! He weighs 25 lbs 4 oz (30%) and is 34 in tall (75%), that just confirms our thoughts that he was tall and skinny. As Doc asks if Owen is walking and running Owen is climbing up on the chair "Oh, I see he is a climber". I explain to Doc that Owen is a boy through and through!!! When asked if I had any concerns I told him that Owen was a good kid and I didn't worry about much but there were 2 issues that were bothering me. Screaming and throwing! Owen likes to randomly scream, not because he is hurt or scared but just because he likes to hear his voice. This trait (as well as the climbing) reminds me very much of my brother Ryan as a kid!!! I remember having a penny jar filled with 10 pennies and a piece of candy and every time Ryan screamed we would take a penny out. If there was any money in there at the end of the day then Ryan would get those pennies and if the jar had all 10 pennies he would get all the money plus the piece of candy. Hopefully we can break Owen of this habit before he is old enough to get the concept of a penny jar. Owen also likes to throw things. I am very proud that he has great aim and a great arm and knows how to throw a football correctly and knows that a basketball gets dribbled!! I just wished the throwing would stop there! He likes to throw forks, cups, remotes, phones, and pretty much anything else that might be in his hand the second he gets the urge. Well Doc explained to me that I had nothing to worry about. This just meant his Y chromosome was working fully and confirmed my previous statement that Owen is a boy through and through! Gotta love little boys!!!!

Dr. Keever also asked if Owen had at least 25 words we could clearly understand and if he was using 2 word phrases. We quickly said yes but started to try to think about how many works Owen actually knew. We started our list and quickly got to 50 and as the day went on we got up to 75 and I can probably add another 10 or so to that list. Being the proud mommy I am I'd love to write the list out here but I'm sure I'd loose most of my readers!!! I do want to say that those 85 words don't include the 15+ animal sounds he knows and 25+ baby signs he knows!!! If you include all the Owen words I'm sure this list would grow!! While we have NO clue what he is saying sometimes I know it has to be funny because he always laughs afterwards!! If he keeps up this communication growth, here in a few months he'll be writing this blog!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Spring Morning... well sort of

Today the whole family was up at 5:30. We pulled Owen in bed with us and laid around until about 7:15, luckily Owen is good at laying still and resting instead of jumping around the bed!!! After getting up we were trying to figure out what to do and after going to the kitchen and finding we had no coffee our decision became easy!!! We were going to go to The Perk (local coffee shop) and have breakfast. The weather here has been SO crazy! One day it is 75F and the next day it is 30F with snow flurries or freezing rain. The warm weather has everyone ready for Spring to be here!!! After a couple days of cold weather Owen and I were suffering from cabin fever and after 35 hours of traveling Brad was itching to get out for a walk in the fresh air. We decided that regardless of the weather, for the Brewsters it was going to be a Spring morning and we were going to walk!!! The sun wasn't out yet so it was a bit cool. No problem, we just bundled up and headed out!!! Owen loved seeing all the birds flying around and singing. He pointed out EVERY one of them. I'm not sure exactly what he calls a bird but it almost sounds like "fish". I hesitate to say he calls a bird a fish because he knows what a fish is and calls it by name. I try to say he is saying "tweet" but Brad is not buying it. Regardless of what he calls them, he is my little nature boy and loves pointing out every animal he knows!! He makes his momma proud!! Here are a few pictures from this morning. I love the one of Owen and daddy walking hand in hand!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Night

Brad came home today after being gone for 8 days to Australia. Owen was very happy at the sight of daddy walking through the door!!! I must say I was happy to see him too!!! We have so much fun together when it is all 3 of us and we really miss him when he is gone!!! For a little welcome home celebration we decided to take Owen to Chuck E. Cheese to play. We thought he would have a blast running around, riding the rides, and sliding on the slide. Last time we took him there he was about 14 months old and had a blast so why would this time be any different?

Turns out it wasn´t as fun as I thought it would be. The place was crowded (that´s what we get for going on a Saturday night) but Owen likes to people watch so he enjoyed that part. This was probably just harder on mommy. Chuck E. Cheese has gotten rid of a good portion of their little kids area so there was only one little slide to go down but that wasn´t so bad that was all he really needed. The kicker is that he HATES the rides!! Well let me rephrase that, he loves to sit in the car and pretend to drive it but the second I put a token in for him to ride and the car started moving he looked at me with fear in his eyes and said "up please" and did everything he could to get off that moving car! What blows my mind is it wasn´t that long ago (probably around Christmas) we were at the mall and I tried to fake him out, save my quarter, and tried to pretend he was riding the car. He didn´t fall for it and I ended up spending more than one quarter so he could ride a couple of times. What is the change? Why is it scary now? I have no idea but I shouldn´t get my hopes up. I´m sure this won´t last long but for now I´ll enjoy saving my money!!!

Here he is sitting in the stationary car.
Since we wanted him to be able to play and Chuck's didn't seem like the place we loaded up in the car and headed to Fun City in Springdale. He had a blast!!! Mom was a bit nervous because the ball pit was crazy with bigger kids but he enjoyed every second! They also have a great basketball game that he can actually shoot and make baskets!!! The night ended up being a great success!!

Playgroup/Mommy alone time

A group of moms I´ve met through the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) community have been meeting for a connection parenting book club. It has been nice chatting with moms that have the same parenting style that Brad and I have. During our meetings we have talked about how it would be nice to get our boys together for a playgroup/mommy alone time. One mom could watch all three boys (Jacob 19 months, Ian 15 months, and Owen 20 months) while the other moms got a break to eat lunch with friends, go shopping, or just have mommy alone time. Angela was the brave one who offered first to keep all three boys. She was even sweet enough to offer to watch them on a Friday night so we could have a date night our hubbys. Poor Aly and her husband haven´t been on a date since their anniversary back in August! I was excited at the fact of having a Friday night to myself but I quickly realized that Brad was out of town and I would be spending my Friday night completely alone, what was I to do? Go to the movies? Go shopping? Go out to dinner? No! I cleaned!!! I couldn´t believe that such an event would be my first choice. It must be the nesting in me coming out!!! After getting the house nice I clean and since I was by myself and didn´t have to adhere to any specific dinner guidelines, the dogs and I loaded up in the car and had Shake´s Frozen Custard for dinner!!! It was yummy and I even saved Owen a bite!!!

Owen and the boys had a great time. They played very well together and not one tear was shed. I think this is the start of a great thing for all!!! They boys develope great friendships and have a fun time playing and mommys get a much needed break that sometimes will involve a dinner alone with the hubby!!! Why didn´t we think of this sooner???

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Junior Razorback Fan

Friday we took Owen to his second gymnastics meet of the year. I was super excited to take him because the previous meet he really got into the cheering and calling the hogs but I wasn't prepared. This time I was ready with camera in hand and Owen was wearing his new Hog T-shirt and hat and of course carrying his new football!!!
He was excited to point out "Woo" (that's what Owen calls all the Razorbacks) every time he spotted him and so I was looking forward to a close up picture as Big Red came around. Turns out Owen just likes to look at Woo from afar. As daddy took him up to get his picture taken he held on tight and let out a high pitched screech. We didn't push the issue as we were afraid some poor gymnast might get startled and fall of the beam.

As long as Woo was in the area he wouldn't take his eyes off of him for fear of a surprise visit. One day I'm sure the two of them will be best friends like the old days!!!
We had a great time and Owen had fun dancing with the music and calling the Hogs. He also loved people watching especially the kids!!! There was a boy about 7 that was sitting next to us and it was fun to watch Owen try to copy the boy's dance moves and cheers!!! I'm bummed this season has come to an end but I'm looking forward to next year and taking 2 kids to the meets!!
Go Hogs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Surprise Date

As I prepare for the birth of baby #2 I signed up for a Bradley class that I was excited to start tonight. I was relieved to find out Monday afternoon that they had room for us in the class despite the fact that it was last minute. After checking my email I came out and told Brad that we made it in the class and we could finally start getting ready for baby's arrival. I hate to say this but I was a little disappointed at his response! He told me that he had a surprise for me Tuesday night and didn't think it could be changed. I asked him, with a bit of disgust in my voice, why he hadn't told me of this sooner before I begged for a spot in this class. His response was typical male, I was just hoping you wouldn't get in and it wouldn't be an issue. Nice! So I write back to the teacher and explain that my husband's "work" schedule is a bit crazy and we won't be able to make it. In the meantime I get excited about the potential of a surprise date (turns out he said he never used the word "date" I just jumped to conclusions).

Tuesday night rolls around and he tells me that the 3 of us (Brad, myself, and to my surprise Owen) needed to be somewhere at 6:30 hungry. Hummm, what could this be. Why wasn't someone coming over to watch Owen so I could enjoy my surprise date with my hubby? I don't ask questions, like a good wife, and just get in the car and wait to see what he has planned. As we pass up streets to potential favorite restaurants I start to get more confused. As we get closer to my mom's side of town I start to wonder if we are eating dinner at my mom's but really, what kind of date would that be? Then I think, "Oh, maybe we are dropping off Owen at my mom's. That would make sense!" But still I was wrong and pleasantly surprised!!!

It wasn't Brad that had planned a surprise for me but my wonderful friend Sara!!!! Sara and my mom hosted a dinner in my honor as a mother-to-be!! I was very surprised to see many friends there; Tiffany, Kathleen, Lori, Stephanie, and of course Sara. This was the last thing I was expecting but was so honored. I knew it wasn't custom to have a baby shower for your second baby but the more I think about that the more I realize that baby #2 is just as special and deserves just as much attention and hype about their arrival as baby #1. That baby is just as much a joy and loved just as much that a small shower in that baby's honor is a very thoughtful and much appreciated gift!

Boy or Girl

With today's technology it is very common for someone to ask a pregnant lady, "What are you having" and have that woman happily state "A baby boy" or "A baby girl". It is rare that couples choose to do things "the old fashion way" and leave their baby's gender to be a surprise until the day of that baby's birth. Actually at Owen's ultrasound we were eager to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. We felt we needed to know the gender of our baby so we could prepare, paint the nursery, buy an outfit to bring baby home in, pick out a name, and start yelling to the world "We are having a baby boy!" Brad always claimed that it wasn't any less of a surprise whether you found out the day of the ultrasound or you found out the day of the birth. Either way you were still surprised. Due to his way of thinking it took a lot of arm twisting for me to get him to see the fun and excitement in waiting until Baby #2's birth to find out the gender. 2 ultrasounds later, we have been able to keep the gender a mystery and it is fun to see Brad enjoying our decision to wait.

I think the downside to not knowing is the delay in finalizing a name. For some reason we are having the hardest time picking out at name. Being 35 weeks pregnant is putting pressure on me knowing the baby will be here in 5 weeks and we still doesn't have a name. With Owen I knew at 2 weeks pregnant we were having a boy. The day after the ultrasound, that confirmed my mother's intuition, we had his name picked out. It all seemed SO easy. Why is it SO hard this time? I have no real gut feelings whether this is a boy or girl. Part of me is leaning towards girl but I wonder if that is just because I already have a boy. I do know this pregnancy is A LOT different than Owen's and I am carrying a lot different but some of that could be due to the fact that I am chasing around a toddler. I guess we'll know if a few weeks.

But, back to the name issue. Our choice for a boy's name is pretty set, we are about 95% sure on the "main" name (not necessarily first name as Owen goes by his middle name) but are a bit unsure of the second name. As for a girl's name...... well let's just say my list of names I like keeps growing. We think we have the second name finalized but cannot pick that main name. Maybe we will end up waiting until we lays eyes on our little bundle of joy before we finalize a name. I'll keep you all posted!