Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Owen singing Chinese

Owen LOVES to sing!!! He will use just about anything as a microphone!! Today, he took a book of phrases Brad got while he was in Hong Kong and held it like a hymn book and sang away!!! Too funny!!!

It's Potty Time

This morning I had a doctor appointment to see what might be causing the terrible pain in my stomach. Luckily my parents from Canada were here to help with the kids. We decided to split up and Mar go with me and Addy to the doctor in case she needed to nurse and Owen would stay home with dad so he could play. Dad was excited to spend the morning with Owen but there was one thing I was worried about...... a dirty diaper!! I don't think my dad has ever changed a diaper and he wasn't keen on the fact that he might have to change a dirty diaper this morning. I begged him to not let Owen sit in a mess because it would probably cause horrible diaper rash. Dad reassured me that Owen would not be sitting in a mess because dad was going to convince Owen to poop on the potty!!! I wished him luck!! You see, we bought a baby bjorn potty about a month ago but the longest I could get O to sit on it was about 30 seconds to a minute and he had yet to make any sort of potty on it.

Fast forward a couple of hours, I walk in the door and am greeted by my dad who has a HUGE smile on his face and said they had something to show me. We walked in the bathroom and tada!!!! Owen had gone poop in the potty!!! I couldn't believe it!!! My dad talked him into it!!! Dad said he sat on the potty and read books and played games for about 10 minutes and then Owen said "Poop" and there it was!!!!! This afternoon he went pee on the potty for Auntie Georgia!!! I'm excited and hope this is the beginning of potty training!! I know he is ready for it because he can say pee and poop when he goes in his diaper but doc had advised against potty training him until after the baby came. I guess Owen is taking his role as big brother very seriously!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A day with the Grandparents

Owen and Addy have had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week with their grandparents!! It has been nice having them here and spending the night and getting lots of good quality time in!! The days start out with a walk (Addy and I sit this one out, we are usually still sleeping) followed by breakfast and then figuring out what to do for the day. I have been having a lot of stomach pain so we keep things low key. Today Nana did some baking and Owen got to help clean up!!!

After that Owen and Opa did "colorie" (coloring), this is one of Owen's favorite things to do!!!

Nana was wiped out from all the cooking so she took Addy and spent some time with her. Addy loves to sleep out in the living room with all the noise and it is even better when she is held by one of us!!! I try to put her in a quite room to sleep and she wakes up right away!!! (note Skip in the boppy, he thinks we bought that for him!!!)

After a long day my dad often falls asleep on the couch!!! Tonight was no different but this time he was snuggling with Addy!!!
Makes for a full day!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

U of A Farm Event

Today the UofA put on a wonderful Farm Event that was sponsored by 4H. This was one of the best Farm shows I have ever been to!!! It was clean, interactive, fun, and free!!! What more could you ask for!!! This was a real hit with Owen who has his farm video memorized and gets excited every time we drive by a field of cows or horses. He walked into the arena and could barely contain himself!!!! He squealed with excitement at each new pin, called out the name of the animal, and then raced to the next one. We could barely keep up with him!!! He is an animal lover just like his mommy!!! He makes me so proud!!!I was also impressed by the fact that he wanted to touch and study each animal and wasn't afraid of any of them. He was very gentle when petting them and he didn't run up to them and get in their face like I saw many kids do!!! It is like he understood to respect each animal's personal space.

One of our friends (and she is also Owen's teacher) Rosemary came with her daughter Ana Maria who is 15 months. The 2 of them had so much fun!!!

Thank you UofA and 4H for an awesome Farm Event!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swim Diaper Choice

In honor of Earth Day I'd like to share one of my favorite summer baby items with you. I hope this post encourages all mothers to run out to the store and buy one!!

It is getting to be that time of year as we quickly approach May.
Pools are starting to open and moms are starting to sign up their little ones for swim lessons. People are preparing for a summer of basking in the sun and spending the days in the pool. If you have a little one still in diapers you'll notice the sign by the pool that says, "All babies MUST be in a swim diaper". Most moms might think their only option for a swim diaper is a disposable swim diaper such as those pictured here. Depending on size, these diapers come 10-12 in a pack for about $8.50. They are a one time use diaper, which means after a day, or maybe just a few hours of swimming, this diaper must be thrown into the garbage to never be use again. If you plan on swimming all summer this could mean a huge cost to you ($50+ for the summer) and a huge cost to our environment (100+ diapers in the landfill that will decompose in 100+ years from now).

However, there is a MUCH better option!!! This option costs about $5 at Target, lasts all summer (plus longer), and you can sell it later to another needy mom and get some of your money back!!! At Target, they have Circo brand cloth swim diaper. They come in solid colors and look great with all of Target's swimsuits. This swim diaper is easy to wash, just throw it in the washing machine with the wet swimsuits or wash them with the rest of baby's clothes. Please keep in mind that I do not recommend washing all cloth diapers this way but to keep things simple and easy, for one swim diaper washing this way is fine. Not only will you save money (about $45 which you can put towards swim lessons) you will also save 100+ diapers from going into the landfill for your baby's babies to deal with later. Both diapers perfrom the same function, which is mainly keeping poop contained if baby happens to use the bathroom while swimming. I could even chance it to say that the cloth diaper is more absorbant of pee. So please don't think that the cloth diaper is of lesser quality or doesn't perform the same function as well, heck I think it performs better!!! What a great way to help yourself, your kid, and mother nature!!! I hope this encourages you to run out and buy one today!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They Have Arrived

Today my parents from Canada came in for a week long visit!! So, after Addyson's doctor appointment we went to the airport to pick them up!!! Call me crazy for having our 3 day old baby at the airport and me crazy for not being at home sleeping, but it was neat to pick them up as a family of 4!!!! Wow, how different life is hauling 2 kids around verses 1!!! Luckily, Owen likes to be a big helper and can do some things on his own!! We are looking forward to a fun filled week!!!

She's growing

We went to the doctor today for a weight check and to make sure everything else with Addyson checked out. Doctor was impressed with how well she was doing and with her weight gain!!! At birth she weighed 7 lbs 15 oz, when we left the hospital she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, and today at the doctor she is 3 days old and weighs 8 lbs 3 oz!!!! It probably helps that my milk came in last night! She is a good little nurser!!! She nurses about every 3 hours for about 20-30 minutes. Besides nursing, she is starting to open her eyes more (she opens them more for Brad), and she lifts her head. She has a very strong neck that helps her not only lift her head but she is able to turn her head from side to side while holding it up!!!

Owen continues to shine as a big brother and constantly wants to hold her. Brad and I are impressed that he actually knows how to hold her without our coaching. He holds his arms just right and is very gentle with her. When he wakes up in the morning or comes home from an outing with Brad the first things he says is "see baby". It is very sweet!!! Maybe his kisses can be a little overwhelming but I hope she will appreciate them one day!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Addyson Michele Brewster

Addyson Michele Brewster was lovingly welcomed by Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother Owen on April 18th, 2009 at 12:40am. She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and is 20.5 inches long. After 48 hours and 30 minutes of contractions (29 hours of hard labor) Mommy was glad to only have to push for 10 minutes before our little princess arrived. Look for my "Labor of Love" story in a couple of days!!!

Since she was born in the wee hours of the morning, Owen didn't get to meet her until around 11 that day and boy was he happy to see her!!!! He squealed with excitement "Baby!" and "Adson" and wanted to give her many kisses and hugs!!! Looking back at the pictures it brings a tear to my eye!! If her hat feel off he would quickly run to give it to whoever was holding her and would help put it back on! He is going to be such a good big brother!!! My heart is filled with joy to be blessed with two healthy and wonderful kids!!! Stayed tuned for more updates!!

Please feel free to check out our picture website for more photos!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

41 weeks and counting

Today I am 41 weeks pregnant and going strong!!! I am amazed at how well I feel and how well I am doing this late in my pregnancy!!! I remember being 41 weeks with Owen and I was completely miserable. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch Price Is Right! This time around I can barely find time to watch the Showcase portion of Price Is Right!!! My day started officially at 7:30 when I got up, ate breakfast, and got my swimsuit on to go to water aerobics. (unofficially it started at 2:30 with terrible heartburn due to eating Mexican for dinner followed by Shake's frozen custard for dessert. I was hoping that would put me in labor instead it just kept me up all night but boy it was good while I ate it!!!) While I'm at the gym people tell me I'm crazy for being there. My response, "What should I do just sit at home and wait? I'd go crazy and baby would REALLY be too comfortable in there! This way I'm busy and stirring things up hopefully encouraging baby to make an appearance!!!" After the gym, I came home, showered, and got ready for the rest of my day. Our next stop was Owen's music class where once again everyone was shocked to see me!!! After class we had a nice visit with our Midwife who gave me many words of encouragement and let me know that I was thinning..... finally!!! So our next stop, the store!!! This gave me a chance to walk, walk, walk as well as buy a gift for Owen to give the baby and a gift for Baby to give Owen!!!! That was something else I got checked off this list!!! Maybe baby is waiting for me to get my list taken care of! Why do I put everything off to the last minute?!?! Maybe it is my procrastionation that is making baby delay not baby's stubbornness!!! Tonight we went for a wonderful family walk! Owen loves holding the leash and walking Sammy!! Tonight I am doing a bit of "nesting" and sending baby wonderful birthing thoughts! Tomorrow morning we go to the doctor and I am anxious to hear what he has to say. I'll keep you posted!! I'm off to bed and hoping to get some good rest as I'll need it in the days to come!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Durham's Gymnastics Mom's Club Outing

During college I had the wonderful experience of coaching gymnastics to kids ages 18 months- 18 years old at a gym in Springdale called Durham's Gymnastics. I remember thinking, as I coached the little kids in a mommy and me class, that I wanted to take my kids there one day. It is weird to think that that "one day" has come and I now have kids of my own. I haven't had a chance to sign Owen up for classes yet but we are part of the Mom's Club of Fayetteville and they have a monthly outing there. We haven't been able to go up until this point so I was excited that it worked with our schedule and Brad was home to be able to go and help him play. Let me say here that I am VERY sore today from our Easter Egg hunt yesterday. Maybe running the stairs wasn't such a good idea!! : )

Owen loved the trampolines and was very excited to see the big block pit!!! Brad was a trooper and climed in the bottomless pit (which is VERY hard to get out of) and helped Owen jump in!

After the block pit we headed over to the beam area. I love how Durham's has a variety of beams the kids can learn to walk and do tricks on. Here, Brad is helping Owen walk on one of the skinner beams.
Here Owen walked on the fat beam all by himself!!!! I see the Olympics in his future!!! We had a wonderful time!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Brewster Family!!!!

Today was a great day despite the yucky, rainy weather! Since we weren't sure when Baby was going to make an appearance we didn't make any plans for this day and just took things as they came. We woke up around 7:30 and realized we made it through the night without any contractions so we figured it would be a baby free day. For breakfast, Brad made his mom's yummy breakfast casserole. After that we cleaned up and dyed Easter Eggs. This year was a much different experience than last year dying eggs. Last year he wanted to eat the freshly dyed eggs and had a blue mouth for all of our Easter pictures. This year he really got into picking a color and putting the egg into different colors. We kept telling him "gentle" as we heard each egg crack as he dropped it in the bowl. You can see the dye splashing up on his arm here!

He was having so much fun he wanted to dye more than one at a time.After dying eggs we cleaned up a headed to church. It was a nasty, rainy morning, the kind you would rather stay on the couch and watch movies, which is a bummer because the day before was SO nice and sunny. After church we headed to my mom's house for lunch which was followed by our traditional Easter Egg hunt. Due to the weather we headed up to mom's office so we could hunt in the dry, warm, clean building. Here is Owen on his way there.

As far back as I can remember we have always hunted eggs in our family. Mom would hide them and then we would get released in birth order, I always complain because I have to go last, and we were off to collect our Easter goodies. Mom is good about having a wide variety of goodies she hides in eggs as well as just packages (like chips or beef jerky) and if you are lucky you find a package with some sort of bill or gift certificate taped to it. Well even though we range in age from 19-30 and 2 of us are married we still hunt eggs like we did as a kid, this includes complaining about order, pushing, and shoving (I think Gina, Ryan's wife, is a little intimidated by all the commotion as she was raised in a house with NO boy's so I think egg hunting was a bit different!!! She is a trooper though and gets her fair share.). Lucky for me, I was pregnant this year (40 weeks and 4 days) which meant I got to go first!!!! Trust me, I talked to mom about this days in advance so she wouldn't forget!!!! Of course, my brother's weren't so happy with the idea but I just laughed as I took off!!! Not sure any pregnant lady should be running through the halls and up the stairs like I did but I thought if anything it would help put me in labor!!! We collected all our booty and traded things we didn't like and are now home eating it even though we are still stuffed from lunch and a great dessert!!! What a great day from start to finish!!!
During this holiday season I am thankful for my family and friends and thankful that God gave up his only son to die so our sins could be forgiven. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and son and the blessing of our new baby on the way. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Owen's First Commercial

After being told what a cute baby Owen was by complete strangers that would stop me in the mall I decided to sign him up with a modeling agency. I know it is kind of hokey but I don't have many hobbies and I thought this would be fun to do. I don't expect big things or for Owen to be famous I'm just having fun with it. The problem is that this agency is just getting started in working with kids younger than 4 so there aren't a lot of gigs that come up. This commercial is the first one we qualified for and Owen was a hit making 2 great appearances!!! He's my little star!!! This was filmed back in December but I'm just now getting a copy of it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Wearing

As time ticks down, I am 40 weeks today, we are getting things ready for baby. A couple of the items I am getting out/trying on are all my slings so I can wear baby!!! Baby wearing is a popular thing among attachment parents. It is nice for several reasons, it allows for hand free carrying of baby, allows baby to be close to mom and form that bond, baby is tucked up and snug and gives the feeling of security and closeness they had in the womb, and often baby will sleep for hours in the sling/wrap. I used a couple of different ones with Owen, hot sling (our first one and we LOVED it), Maya wrap (which is suppose to be great for breastfeeding but we never got the hang of it), and a Beco which is great for older kids. They worked out great and were a life saver during the fussy times and on our many trips!!! I have a Moby wrap (borrowed from Kate) and a Baby Hawk (a great Christmast present from Ken and Robin) to try with this baby and I am very excited about those. I think these 2 carriers will offer a bit more security for baby as I chase around a toddler. Because of pregnancy I quit wearing Owen a couple of months ago but it turns out he hasn't forgotten how much he enjoys "riding" (what he calls it). As soon as I pulled the Beco out he asked to "ride". So here we are, Owen 21 months and Mommy 40 weeks pregnant!

One of the cutest things he did lately was bring me the Beco and ask to carry his baby, his hippo. He is going to be a good big brother!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

His New Car

Here is Owen in his new car!!! He LOVES it!!!! Jacob and Ian both have a similar car (not the police version) that is a huge hit during Boy's Night Out. Due to that I have been searching for one for little man. As we were picking up a basketball goal we found for a deal on craigslist.com the people happened to have this car sitting in the garage so I asked if they would be interested in selling it. Turns out they were and wanted $5 for it! Deal!!! We couldn't load it up quick enough!!! So the car is a HIT but there is one problem...... everytime we leave we ask if Owen wants to get in the car. He anxiously puts on his jackets, walks out the door, and then stands by the garage door. It took us forever to figure out why he was waiting there, he usually walks to "his" door of the car and waits for us to open it. It wasn't until he started crying when we insisted he get in our car that we realized he wanted HIS car. I guess now when we want to leave we have to ask if he is ready to go bye-bye instead of suggesting riding in the car. I'm so glad the weather is warming up and we get to use this great find!!!