Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's not so picky anymore!!!

When Owen was a baby I use to brag about how good he would eat. Owen tried everything and ate what we did. I was so thankful to not have to prepare a different meal for him or buy baby food! During our travels to Singapore and the Dominican Republic he would eat the local food without any problems! And then it happened.... he turned 1!!!!! He realized he could spit food out and push things out with his tongue! I started seeing his tongue out of his mouth and food on his face more than I saw him chewing and swallowing food. It was SO frustrating. I'm sure many moms of infants/toddlers can sympathize with me. Some nights the only thing he would eat was a sweet potato (which after much worry I looked up and saw it was a super food, that eased some of my concerns) or a piece of bread. I started getting creative and would hide shredded carrots under a piece of cheese in a grill cheese sandwich or in scrambled eggs. I would hide spinach in a cheese quesadilla. If he was opening his mouth to take a bite of something I would try to sneak in a bite of veggie or meat for him to chew with his bite but that only worked 30% of the time. Looking back, I probably stressed too much about it but I was so worried he wasn't getting the nutrition he needed. The funny thing is is that this kid LOVES fresh fruit! He'll eat kiwi, mango, melon, and all sorts of berries and he likes them fresh not soaked in sugar water. So I should have known he was getting vitamis through this fruit. I guess I was just worried he would develop a sweet tooth and never eat veggies. Oh, I should say he did develop a love for salad which I thought was strange. It all started several months ago when Brad and I were eating a Cesar salad and he wanted some. So we started giving him salad almost every night with dinner to start to develop that taste for veggies.

My sister in law Holly said she didn't worry about what Lucy ate because she gave her vitmins every day so she knew she was getting enough of good things she needed to grow! So about 3 months ago I started giving Owen vitamins and have put my worries aside (well at least the ones that have to do with him eating).

I was told to keep giving Owen all of the options at dinner; fruit, veggie, meat, and carb and that he would eat what his body needed him to eat and one day he would start eating those things that he spit out. Well low and behold it happened!!!!! Sunday we went to mom's for dinner and she made mashed potatos. I told her Owen would NOT eat those (I know, really weird! What kid doesn't like mashed potatos????). I have been trying to get him to eat that for a year! He won't eat anything mashed up, not even his favorite sweet potato, and I wonder if that is because I never gave him baby food. But Sunday...... he ate it!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SHOCKED!!!! It didn't stop there. Yesterday I made a homemade pasta sauce with zucchini in it and he picked out the zucchini and ate them!!!!!!!! Today, he picked the peas out of the Shepard's Pie and ate them. I couldnt' believe it! I was trying to hide these things to see if I could "sneak them in" and he found them, picked them out, and ate them anyways!!!!! I don't want to jinx things but I feel like he is getting over his picky stage and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

So for you mommas out there with a picky toddler, don't worry, it will pass!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breastfeeding is Offensive

I remember the first time I nursed Owen in front of my family. We were celebrating my birthday with my brothers and my mom, to make matters "worse" we were at a restaurant!!! I quietly picked Owen up, barely lifted my shirt, and latched Owen on. I them pulled my shirt to the top of his mouth. From where I was looking it didn't look like any boob was showing. My mom quickly picked up his blanket and put it over his head and said, "don't you want to cover him up?" I said, "No, why should I? I'm not showing anything and he will get hot." From that point on, my mom hasn't said anything about me breastfeeding and covering up. In my mind a blanket over a baby's flailing arms screams, "Look at me, I'm a nursing baby!". If I barely lift my shirt and quietly latch him on, people have to do a double take to see if I'm nursing.

I'll never forget one of the first times I nursed Addy in public. We were at a fishing show with Brad and I sat down on a comfy chair to nurse. A lady with a screaming baby said, "My baby wants to do what your baby is going." I invited her to sit down and nurse with me. Later, her husband and his sister walked up and were shocked she was nursing in public like that. The only difference between her and I was she was covered up with a blanket and I wasn't. She told me her husband was paranoid of her nursing in public and other men looking at her boobs. Funny I thought, no one looks at my boobs when I nurse because they are covered up with a baby's mouth!!! Her sister-in-law then came and whispered something in her ear. After the sister left the mom told me what she said. The sister said, "that lady is going to make it on tv nursing in public like that." I thought, GREAT! Let the world see a nursing mom and let all those moms that nurse in the bathroom get inspired to stand up for their rights and their baby's!!! When we are hungry we eat, we eat in public, and we don't put a blanket over our head and eat in the stuffy dark, why should our babies???

I just came across this post and LOVED it so I thoughts I'd share!!! These pictures speak louder than words!

Breastfeeding is Offensive

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy and Me Soccer

Every Thursday at 10 the Springdale All Star Sports Arena has Mommy and Me soccer. I've always wanted to take Owen but we've always had something else to do. Well I specifically kept today free so I could take him. He is really getting into sports these days but there are no programs I can put him in until he turns 3.... bummer!!! Well he got all ready and got to wear his new FC Bayern Munchen shirt we got while in Germany last year and he new running shoes. He was all set!!!

Today was a hit!! He loved every single minute of it... well except those times I tried to get him to line up with the other kids. He wanted NO part of that and wanted to keep running and kicking his ball so I just let him do as he pleased! He would put his ball down and say "1, 2, 3 go!" and start running! It was really cute. I also noticed that when the others played a game he would watch and at the very end he would participate. I think the more often we go the more he will participate in those games.

Owen hasn't been exposed to a lot of soccer, he mainly plays basketball. It was cute, when the coach would say to "dribble" he would pick up with ball and start dribbling it like a basketball!!" Besides working on a soccer dribble, I'll also have to teach him how to stop the ball with his feet instead of his hands!!!

At lot of moms commented on how good he was and were shocked to hear he had just turned 2!!! The coach came up to me at the end and told me I should put them in their soccer program there. I looked at the paper and it said the kids had to be 3!! I told her that Owen was only 2 so we would have to wait. She said if he was close to 3 they would let him slide in. That's when I told her he had just turned 2 and she was surprised. For now, I'll keep taking him to Thursday morning soccer and let him grow and develope and who knows...we might have the next David Beckham on our hands!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's that coming in our doggie door???

Tonight Owen and I were outside enjoying the beautiful evening. Addyson had falled asleep on our walk so she was inside in the stroller. I was on the phone with my mom when I looked at our back sliding glass door and noticed Owen was inside. I hung up with mom to go in and check on him and make sure he wasn't waking up his sister. As I got inside I quickly grabbed my camera to catch this!!!

Owen's new trick!!! Now if only he'd take himself outside to go potty!!! : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Around 18 months old, we started having Owen sleep in his own bed. We came up with a great nighttime routine that after about a month or so we were able to leave his room with him still awake and he would fall asleep on his own! It was great! Before that, one of us had to stay in there with him and pat his bum and then quietly sneak out hoping that a dog wouldn't bark or the door wouldn't squeak and wake him up in which we would have to start all over from scratch. Now we read a book or two, talk about our day, say our prayer, and then a good night kiss and we walk out of the room. We never hear a peep out of him and when we go check on him he is fast asleep.

Well nap time hasn't been as easy. Maybe it was because I never really pushed the issue. While I was pregnant with Addyson I enjoyed laying down with him. I liked snuggling up with my little man and taking a nice 2-3 hour nap!!! He always slept longer if I was napping beside him. Now I don't really have that luxury unless Addyson just happens to be sleeping at the same time (1 out of 10 naps). So I decided last week that I was going to try a naptime routine and see if he could put himself to sleep. His favorite things are books so I give him his favorite one of the day and tell him he can read it and I'll be back to check on him. I come back and find him hugging his book fast asleep!!! Yay for a naptime routine!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Folding towels

Owen loves to be Mommy's Helper! You can tell he is so proud when he is able to help me around the house or with Addyson. I need to take advantage of this more often. You see, it is hard to get things done around the house because as I am putting something in the dishwasher or folding a shirt Owen is taking something out of the dishwasher or "refolding" the shirt I just folded. I can get SO frustrated at times. Then I realized if I have him busy putting something in the dishwasher or folding something he is less likely to undo what I've already done.

Thanks for being Mommy's Help Owen!!!

Here is a video of Owen helping mommy fold towels.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Troy!

Happy 1st Birthday Troy!!!!

To celebrate Troy's birthday, Ryan and Gina rented out the pavilion at Gully Park. When I first about them having an outdoor birthday party at 1 on a July afternoon I thought, "Oh No! It is going to be SO hot." I remember Owen's party at 5 at the end of June and most people were inside just trying to stay cool. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with little Addy to keep her cool. Well I think Troy's best birthday gift was the beautiful weather!!!! What a great day! It was about 85 degrees with a cool breeze. We had a great time and Owen loved playing at the park in between bites of hot dogs and red velvet Cold Stone Creamery cake!

Troy kept things very neat and clean while eating his cake. His Grandma Laura even helped him eat it with a spoon.

We had a great time enjoying the outdoors and celebrating with Troy!!!

It was also great to celebrate with
Aric and Emily

Kellen and Kaitlyn!!!!

Addyson is 3 months old!!

Wow! Another month has flown by!!!! As I look back and try to remember all we did this month I'm having a hard time remembering! It seems like every day is something new and we are enjoy each and every moment together.

Addyson continues to thrive. She is a big fan of her hands and every now and then can be seen sucking on her thumb which I find super cute! She has started playing with toys and reaching for things. This month she spotted Skip and Sam and like to watch them run around. She continues to be her big brother's biggest fan! I still get so much joy out of watching the two of them together. She loves to "talk" and squeal and loves to smile at people. She is rolling from side to side and enjoying tummy time a little more each day.

This month was busy with celebrations: Owen's birthday, Brad's birthday, and the 4th of July. We also were able to take a trip with Brad to Dallas. Wow, what a great month it has been!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot day at the Fort Worth Zoo

Despite the 105 degree heat outside, I took the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo. Brad was working in Dallas with a guy named Bob from his office. Bob happens to live in Dallas so his wife Susan offered to take the kids and I along with their 2 boys to the zoo for the morning. The plan was to get there at 10 when the zoo opened to avoid the afternoon heat. Here the kids are at the start of the day, the boys are Robert 9 (with hat) and Charlie 11.

Here is Addyson in her sun hat

The zoo is really nice and thankfully had a TONS of shade. Owen had a lot of fun climbing in the fences to get a better look!!! Bob's boys were really good with him! It was super cute, they would say, "come look at the ....... Owen" and Owen would go running to see. He loved hanging out with the big boys for the day!!!

We thought we would be done by 12 but we ended up staying until 2. Here is little Owen hot and sweaty! He had SO much fun and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car! It was a great day!!!
Thanks Susan and boys for a great time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Addyson's first laugh

Addyson is a daddy's girl already!!! Her face just lights up when she sees him!! This morning they were spending some time together on the couch and Brad got her to giggle for the first time!! So cute!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Squeeze

I just can't get over how much these two adore each other!!!!

When we were in the hotel room in Dallas Owen asked to hold Addy. He gave her a big squeeze!!!

It was so cute I quickly grabbed my camera and got a few good shots and some good video. Unfortunately the really cute ones are too long to upload so here is a shortened version for you to enjoy.