Saturday, August 29, 2009


One of Owen's favorite things to do at the beach was to feed to seagulls. Not sure what some of you might think of that but Owen loved it!!! My sister, Becky, was not a fan that we were doing this so close to where she was laying out! To be the good big sister I am, I took a piece of bread and put it between her two feet and then walked off!!!! Ahhh, the urge to aggravate your siblings never goes away!!! She quickly realized what I had done and screamed, afraid the seagulls were going to come get her along with the piece of bread. Not to rock the boat too much, I went got the bread. I still wonder what would have happened had I left it there!! : )

The first day there, Brad took some chips and helped Owen feed to seagulls. The next day, Brad went to the store and bought day old bread to feed them with! Owen had so much fun watching them eat.
And watching the seagulls try to catch the bread in the air!!!!

Before we left to head back to Guelph, we went by the beach one last time to feed the seagulls (Owen had been asking all morning to see them). What better way to get rid of all the bread we didn't want to eat, bring home with us, or throw away!

Unfortunatly, Owen was dressed for the ride home which meant absolutly nothing to him! He got his shorts wet so he rode home in just his shirt and underwear which was probably worth it to him!!!!

He had SO much fun running and chasing the birds. I wish you could hear him yelling "chase seagull chase"!!! The poor birds didn't think it was that fun. It was SO windy that it was hard from them to fly away. What a great form of entertainment for the little guy!!!

Bacon Day

I'm almost embarrassed to write this blog. The only reason I am going to go forward is because Brad and Dieter were SO proud of their supper and our family "bacon day"! Before leaving for the cottage the 2 of them found this great recipe off a bbq website and started planning. It was kept a secret from all of us so we had no idea what to expect we just knew that a lot of bacon was involved! Even Owen was excited about "Bacon Day"!!!

Vegetarians proceed with caution......

So, day 2 at the cottage was deemed Bacon Day.

What exactly is Bacon Day.... it is a day where bacon is a staple of every meal. For our family, that mean 5, I repeat 5, pounds of bacon. I cringe just typing it. I should say that is split between 6 adults and one child but even so that is A LOT of bacon!

For breakfast we had bacon and eggs. Sounds simple enough, right. And so bacon day began.

I think to do our bodies a favor we sort of skipped lunch. Every now and then we would snack on a chip or piece of cheese or you guess it... a slice of bacon. We really were not allowed in the kitchen because the prep for the main dish had already started.

Bacon Explosion had begun.....

Let me first say that Bacon Explosion is a real thing!! It has it's own website for dedicated fans and is even defined by Wikipedia! Being the avid bbqer and web searcher Brad is, he stumbled across this site and had to try it!!!

Above, you see Dieter posing with the bacon weave. Looks impressive doesn't it!!! Not sure how many pounds of bacon went into that weave but they did it almost past perfection with the tightness of the weave and were very impressed!

After you weave the bacon you take 2.5 pounds of sausage and flatten it over the weave.

On top of the sausage you are to put cooked, crumbled bacon on top of that. Brad and Dieter thought they should add a few veggies, how nice of them, so they added some chopped peppers which I have to say was a nice touch.

After you place that mixture in the middle you roll it all together and it looks like a pork loin. Here is Brad posing with the finished product.

Next, you toss it on the grill. For added flavor, they bought a cedar board to grill the bacon explosion on. Doesn't it look great?!?! They also bought on of our favorite veggies to grill with it, asparagus. But it wouldn't be bacon day if the asparagus weren't wrapped in bacon, right?
Brad and Dieter were so happy to share their masterpiece with us!! Here you can see the Bacon Explosion after we cut into it. You can see the layers with the added peppers!! It was SO good!!!

We were all afraid to try it after they told us what was in it. I thought it would be really greasy and fatty tasting but surprisingly not!! It was SO yummy. A great mixture of flavors. I actually think we'll do it again some time!!! And if anyone else has tried this or plans to try it let us know how yours turns out and what you might add to the middle!
After dinner we went to an old ice cream/frozen yogurt place we use to go to. It use to be Mr. Norm's but now it is Mr. Norm's Nephew's Frozen Yogurt. Here they custom make each order!!! We all added fruit.... though we could use the nutrients after our bacon day!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our family trip to the beach

Brad, the kids, and I went with my Canadian family to Wasaga Beach for 4 days/3 nights. This was Addyson's first trip to the beach and Owen's second (although I'm not sure if I count his first trip at a month old!!). Wasaga is situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern end of Georgian Bay approximately two hours north of Toronto. The beach is made up of beautiful white sand that is great to walk along, dig up, and get buried in!!! I have fond memories of going here as a child and renting a cottage with my family so I was really excited to take my own family there for the experience. Isn't it a wonderful feeling as an adult when you are able to take your kids to your favorite childhood hangout or vacation spot. Where is your favorite childhood spot? Have you taken your kids there already? If so, was the spot as great as you remember it? Being at Wasaga and looking at things through the eyes of an adult they look a bit different! The water isn't as deep as I remember it being, the water slide isn't as big as I remember it being, and the walk from the cottage to the beach isn't as long as I remember it being. Despite all that, Wasaga as a whole is a fun, relaxing, and wonderful as I remember it being!

Lately, Owen has been a bit water shy so I wasn't sure what he would think about going in the wavy water. To give him a bit of confidence, we bought him a pair of water wings!!! Turns out he didn't really need them. Wasaga is really shallow so we could all touch for as far as we wanted to go out minus a deep spot every now and then but the water would only get up to our chest and Owen never ventured that far so it was a non-issue.

Brad, Owen, and Dieter were the first ones in the water.

We didn't wanted Addyson to miss out on all the fun so Brad took her to dip her toes in. Instead of just dipping her toes in, Brad decided to sit down and let the waves roll over her. She didn't think this was such a great idea. The water was a bit chilly so it might have been a little shock to her body.
Addyson had much more fun sitting up on the beach with Nana and watching everyone swim. She just sat back and took it all in!

We also bought a beach umbrella for her to lay under. Most babies get tired of being held all the time and she is no exception. My very active girl wanted to get down, stretch out, roll around, and play with toys.
We had a great first day at the beach. The weather was nice and sunny. The water was cool and refreshing. And the company was fun and entertaining. We couldn't wait to go back the next day!!!!


Every time I sit down to work on the blog something happens.... Owen needs to go potty, Addyson needs to be nursed, I need a drink of water, the computer deletes all my pictures, my sister complains that all I do is sit at the computer (I have NO idea why she thinks that when I feel like all I do is run around like a chicken with my head cut off), I need to go help clean up after dinner.... the list goes on and on. Silly me, I thought when I came up to Canada I'd have SO MUCH free time and could take long baths, sip wine, and work on my blog. The reality is, is that I'm still a mom, wife, daughter, and sister and therefore I still have MANY obligations that need to be taken care of. SO, while I try to work on the blog here are a few pictures from our vacation. I once had a friend tell me not to put TOO many pictures on my blog, I should put them on our flickr page.... well I barely have time to get them loaded here much less upload them somewhere else too. So bare with me or skip this blog!!! : ) I just want to show off my beautiful family!

TeTe Becky and Addy

Last family picture at the beach.

Self picture that turned out perfect the first time! : )

I love a sleeping baby picture!!!

We let her "air out" while we took a walk down the beach.

A walk with daddy

First family picture at the beach. Addy wants to know "what are you wearing bubba?"

Mother daughter

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Hold Addyson"

Addy- 4.5 months, Owen- 26 months

Owen's favorite thing to do, besides play ball, is "hold Addyson"! I know I've talked about this in previous posts where he wakes up saying "hold Addyson". Now he is so anxious to hold her that I've caught him trying to pick her up when I wasn't quick enough to aid him in his request. I was looking a pictures from Addyson's first week home and I have several pictures of Owen holding her. Looking at those pictures that were taken just 3.5 months ago, I'm amazed at how much both of them have changed!!!! So I've decided that a good way to track their growth is to take at least one picture of them each month with Owie holding Addy. If I was at home I'd post some old photos here so you could see the difference but just click here to see an old post. Stayed tuned for monthly pictures!!!!

It is really cute, now that Addyson is more active and likes to reach for one's hand or face she is more interactive when Owen holds her. Here she is grabbing his face (which thankfully he likes!). She is also very wiggly and he can't handle that so well so here you can see them leaning a bit!!! : ) The more active she gets, the harder this picture might be to take. Wish me luck!

She's on a roll!!!!!!!!

This morning Addyson rolled over from her back to her tummy!!!! She is 4 months and 1 week old!!! I'm so proud of her. I knew she would be rolling soon because she is always getting really close to making the full roll when she plays with her toys. If something is out of her reach she tries really hard to get it. I don't have Owen's baby book with me but I know she rolled over both ways (tummy to back and back to tummy) before Owen rolled over from tummy to back. I'm not sure if it because she is a girl (I heard girl's develop quicker than boys) or if it is because she is the second child and wants to bad to keep up with her big brother. Either way, she's on a roll!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Men at Work

Our first morning in Canada was a beautiful morning. It was cool and cloudy which made a perfect day to work outside!!! Dad and Mar just bought a new house and dad was looking forward to Brad coming up to help build a deck. While dad was getting together all the supplies, Owen and Dieter watered Dieter's garden.

Of course all the hard work required a break!!! You need to pick the fruits of your labor and test them to make sure you are growing the best quality veggies you can grow! Owen volunteered to do the quality check!!!!

Before they started building the deck, all the extra dirt had to be removed and gravel put down. Owen wanted to help with this despite the fact that the shovel was twice as long and weighed just as much as him!!!

Day 2 of the deck build- Opa, Auntie Gabby, and Uncle John came over for a visit. Turns out not a lot of visiting took place. Instead, dad put them to work!!! Auntie Gabby commented on how she didn't think she'd have to work for her dinner!!!

As you can tell from the picture the deck has started to come together and look like a deck. Unlike the first day, where every time I looked outside it looked like they hadn't done a thing. Turns out the beginning start of making sure the base boards are level (5 or 6 different ways) is very tedious. Now, when I look outside, I see at least a new board or two up.

Owen spent a lot of time watching everyone work. He did very good keeping his distance from all the tools and keeping out of everyone's way. There was a point where the work stopped while measurements were taken. It was then, Owen saw his opportunity to contribute to the deck! He picked up the hammer and got to work.

After re-hammering the nails that were already in the deck, Owen paused and started looking around on the ground. I was trying to figure out what he was looking for. All of a sudden, he found it!!!! He bent down and picked up a nail. He then very seriously walked over to the deck, put his nail up there, and then tried to figure out how to lift the heavy hammer so he could get to work!

Luckily, Uncle Dieter came over to lend a hand!!!
Notice Owen is NOT hammering his nail in their deck!! ; )

I have been waiting for them to finish the deck before I post this but it is getting towards the end of Day 3 and I don't see the end in the near future!!! We are leaving for Wasaga Beach tomorrow and won't be back until Friday. Brad is leaving the following Monday to head home. Wonder if the deck will be done by then.
Stay Tuned!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Girl

"She's a busy girl" is what my dad keeps saying over and over again! It is interesting to see other people's perspective of Addyson especially those that haven't seen her in a long time and those that knew Owen as a baby. We've always thought she was laid back yet very curious. Quiet yet always busy. Happy yet makes sure she gets what she needs.

My stepmom got an exersaucer for Addyson at a garage sale. I wasn't sure what Addy would think of it since I have yet to let her play in the one at our house, I wasn't sure if she was strong enough for it. Who wasI kidding???? This is the girl that at one month old would rather stand than sit. This is the girl that was holding her head high at just a couple of days. Needless to say she LOVED it!!! She loved that she was able to stand and push off her legs, look around, spin and play independently.

She played for over an hour the first time I put her in it; smiling, talking, eating her toys, and blowing bubbles the whole time!!!

Addyson is also VERY active when she is on the ground. If she is laying on her back she does many circles aroud the blanket playing with different toys. In 10 minutes she did 2 "laps". When she is on her belly she is constantly looking around, playing with toys, and moving her legs. "She's a busy girl!"

My brother, Dieter, keeps commenting on how quiet and laid back she is. He keeps asking if she is "normal". Everyone has commented on how you dosn't even know she is in the room. She just takes it all in. Yesterday, Dieter and I were leaving our Nana and Papa's house and Addyson was ready to eat and didn't want to be put in the car seat. We loaded her up in the car to rush home and at this point she let out a little fuss and De said, "Oh, she is normal". : )

On this note, I forgot to add on our airplane post that while deplaning our flight to Toronto the people in front of us stood up and look at our row. They said, "Wow, we didn't even know there were 2 kids sitting behind us." Yay, for our good little travelers and laid back kids!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our first family vacation

This morning we headed to Canada for our first family vacation. I know I have talked about another trip or two but we took those because of Brad's work so I wouldn't really call that a vacation. Brad recently returned for a 12 day trip to Australia so we were reallly looking forward to family time!!! This was Addyson's first time on the plane and Owen's first time to fly in which he really "got it". He LOVES airplanes and gets excited every time he sees on flies. He knows that daddy get to fly when he goes to work and he was thrilled that today it was his turn to fly!

Our plan left XNA at noon!! It was perfect! We got Subway subs to eat on the plane since we were only suppose to have a 30 minute layover in Dallas before heading to Toronto. And then we figured the kids would nap on the 3 hour flight from Dallas and when we arrived in Toronto at 5 they would both be well rested and ready to play. Due to heavy storms that morning in Dallas our plans changed a little. Before we boarded in Arkansas, Brad got a call saying our flight out of Dallas would be delayed an hour.

Getting ready to board the plan for Addyson's first flight
Getting ready for take-off. Owen is reading the safety card.
There was a little boy named Jackson that sat behind us. That was a great way to keep Owen occupied!!!!!

The first flight was great!!! Both kids did really well and didn't make a peep. Addyson was a tab fussy before take-off but that's because she wanted to eat and I was trying to make her wait until we started flying so I could keep her ears from popping. I realized it was better to let her start nursing to keep her happy and play things by ear. She ended up being finished before take-off but not once fussed after that so her ears must have been fine. I was also worried about Owen and what I would do for his ears. This was his first flight since he weaned. I just gave him gummy bears to eat and I think the chewing helped keep his ears open.

After a short 45 minute flight we made it to Dallas. Owen was excited to get out and stretch his legs and look at all the planes!!! Turns out we were delayed 4.5 hours so we had PLENTY of time to look for planes!!!! After the first couple of hours he started getting antsy to board. You see, we thought it was getting close to time according to the screen so we got in line so we could be one of the first to get on the plane. Well when we realized it was going to be another hour plus we wanted to go walk around. Poor tired Owen wanted NOTHING to do with that. He was afraid we were going to leave and he wasn't going to get to ride the plane. I was able to distract him so here he is looking at our plane getting fixed. Turns out there was a "wobbly
pannel inside" that had to be fixed before we could fly.

After 4.5 hours we were ready to board!!! Because Brad is a platinum member we were allowed to board with the first group. Once on the plane I quickly realized that Brad and Owen were sitting in the widow and middle seat of the row behind and to the right of me and I was sitting with Addyson in the middle seat! Just great!!! I would have been sitting squished between 2 business men who were going to have to get use to the idea of me nursing my baby and maybe seeing some skin. Instead, I became THAT passanger that sits in a different seat before everyone boards and causes complete chaios!!! Turns out it wasn't ALL my fault. There was a mom traveling alone with 2 kids and they were all seated in different rows so between the 2 of us there was a lot of musical chairs played. Eventually everyone got seated and the poor guy
that ended up sitting in my middle seat was offered complimentary food and drinks. I was happy because I got to sit with my family and didn't have to worry about what the stranger next to me thought about me nursing.

Since this flight was so long they showed a movie!!! After Owen woke up from his name he had fun listening to the movie and music on the head phones.

After a LONG day, 10 hours of travel, we finally landed!!! Here we are waiting for our bags which I must say take FOREVER to come at the Toronto airport. We always end up waiting almost an hour for our bags.
Let our vacation begin!!!!

Happy Girl

During our layover in Dallas Addyson got the chance to stretch out in the stroller. She had so much fun people watching and smiling at everyone!!! She was also blowing LOTS of bubbles (you can tell by looking at how wet her shirt is). She was having blast!! She is such a happy girl!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Since Addyson was born I have been looking forward to the day when I can put the kids in the bath together. I remember as a kid how much fun I had taking a bath with a sibling!!! We would splash and "swim" and have all kinds of fun!!! A week or so ago I started putting Addy in the big tub on her back so she could kick and move around. That went so well that tonight I thought I'd put Owen in there too to see how it went!!!
They had a lot of fun!! Owen really liked helping Addyson wash. She liked being able to watch him. I think when she is a bit older and can sit up they are going to have a lot of fun splashing together!!!

ps- this also helps mommy by cutting bath time in half!!!! : )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our dinner date with the Rincons

Tonight the Rincons came over to our house for dinner. We invited them to join us in our favorite dinner "date" night! We love to walk to Guissano's Pizza, which is about a 15 minute walk depending on the kids, when the weather is nice. It is great to be able to work up an appetite, eat good pizza and drink some beer without the worrying of having to drive home, and then walk off some of those calories on the way home. It is also great for Owen because not only is he happiest when he is outside but he gets nice and tired and ready for bed!!!

Owen and Ana Maria "Mia" have a great time together. It doesn't take them long to start getting into trouble!!! Usually it is Mia showing Owen what fun it can be to do x,y, or z. The night started out with them emptying the sugar containers!!! : ) For more great pictures check out the Rincon blog!
They did really good eating but of course they were finished way before the parents were ready to go!!!! So they spent time doing laps around the tables and booths, playing with the video game, and trying to get candy out of the machine!! : ) Next, they decided that they both needed to play in Rosemary's water glass. Needless to say it got knocked over and we decided that that was our sign that we should head home!! : )

There was a group of firemen eating at Guissano's too!!! They had their big firetruck parked out front so we took the kids over to look at it. The firemen were getting ready to load up and invited the kids to come in and sit in the truck!!!! They had so much fun!!!

The guys were really nice and gave the kids stickers and let us take lots of pictures. As we were about to leave they pulled out a hat for each kid!!!! We were so impressed!!! Addyson even woke up in time to jump in on the picture!
It was a great evening and a wonderful experience for the kids!!! Owen wouldn't let go of his new hat and ended up falling asleep with it!!! Guess that's a sign of a good night!