Saturday, October 31, 2009


This year we went trick-or-treating several times!! Between tricking-or-treating on the square, at my mom's work, and around our neighborhood plus the Halloween party and Boo at the Zoo our kid's costumes got lots of wear this year!!! And every time Owen was SO excited to put on his horsey costume and his horsey shoes (his brown shoes will forever be called this!).

Fayetteville has a tradition of trick-or-treating at the square. It is great because the business open their doors for the kids to go door to door and gather treats. It is neat to see so many children and pets dressed up!

I was looking back through my pictures to pick which ones I would put on the blog and realized I didn't have many to choose from. When you are juggling 2 kids and 2 dogs it is hard to remember to take pictures!!! Next year I need to remember to bring an extra person with us just to take pictures like Kathleen did!!!

It was amusing to me when some of the people would let the kids pick out their candy. For the older kids, I'm sure it wasn't that hard... they picked out their favorite. For a 2 year old, well that's a different story. He is staring down and bucket full of candy, all of which looks good and none of which he knows what it is. How do you pick just one? Do you go for the biggest piece or the most colorful piece? Interesting enough, he picked suckers most of the time! And while I would have understood why this time last year when he loved suckers, I don't get it this time. He no longer likes suckers.... that or he doesn't like the organic ones I try to give him! ; ) Guess I'll give him one of the many in his bucket to try and see if he likes them more!

My mom's work always has trick-or-treating at their office the same day and time as the square which makes it a really busy 2 hours for us! We go to the square from 3-3:40ish and then jump in the car and race up to Springdale to mom's work from 3:50sih-4:15ish. On the ride to Springdale this year Addyson slept and Owen tried to eat as much candy as possible! ;) Owen knows my mom's office and went in looking for her. He kept asking where Nammie was and didn't realize she was right in front of him!
Once he realized the granny sitting in the rocking chair was his he went over and gave her a hug! I was glad he wasn't scared of her. Addyson was just trying to figure out how to get the glasses off her face! We had so much fun!

On Saturday we took the kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Owen had fun going up to the houses and ringing the doorbell!

He was always excited to see what kind of treat they put in his bucket!!! He had a lot of fun until a scary looking head pooping out of the ground turned on when he walked by and made a creepy sound and started to rise. That was IT!!!!!!! He was DONE and wanted to go home! I wanted to end the night on a positive note so we got in the car and drove to the church down the street. They were doing truck-or-treat! It was a lot of fun to go car to car (each one was decorated) and get a treat!
All in all it was a good night. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Pumpkin carving

We brought the pumpkins home and began carving right away! Last year Owen didn't mind the carving part of it but every time we showed him the pumpkin insides he would run away and cry. Based on that, I wasn't sure how he would do this year.

I was really impressed when he stuck his hand inside to get out the seeds!!! He even stood up so he could really get in there and get the bottom seeds out!

One of the pumpkins we got was really hard to cut so instead of having Brad struggle through that I thought I'd let Owen paint it!!! He loves painting and had a lot of fun decorating his pumpkin!

Addyson had fun watching and "eating" her little pumpkin! She looked at the carved pumpkin but wasn't too interested. I'm anxious to see what she thinks of pumpkin carving next year!!

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We have been trying to go to the Pumpkin Patch for 2 weeks now!!! I feel terrible that it is Halloween day and we are just now going but the weather just wouldn't cooperate! We had planned a trip with the MOMS Club that kept getting postponed because of rain so we ended up just going ourselves. It was a beautiful morning and the kids had SO much fun!
Owen loved picking out pumpkins for himself and Addyson

And Addyson had fun tasting all of them!!!
We went to the pumpkin patch at Mount Sequoyah church and it was great because they had several wagons you could use to haul your pumpkins.... and punkins!!! : ) It wasn't the same as the hayride we were to take at the pumpkin farm but at this age I don't think they noticed!I thought about letting Owen pull Addyson around and then thought it might be best to just let him pull his little pumpkins around!!! Addyson probably appreciated that as well! ; )
We had so much fun with the wagon, looking at all the pumpkins, and taking pictures that we almost forgot to pick out a pumpkin or two to take home!!! Luckily, dad was all over that and him and Owen picked out the perfect ones for us!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A's busy morning

This morning has been full of many new things for Addyson! This could explain why she was restless last night. My baby that usually sleeps through the night waking a time or two to feed and falls right back to sleep fussed the majority of the night. About every hour she would let out a little cry or two and acted like she wanted to nurse but when I tried to nurse her she pulled away. I knew something had to be up! Well it was!!

First, she cut another tooth last night!!! I woke up this morning to see she now has 2 bottom teeth!!! This could explain most of her uneasiness last night! Poor baby!

Next, she sat up for the first time ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!!!! In the morning I let her have "naked hiney time" where I let her "air out" from being in a diaper all night. I put her down on the ground and she rolls around, watches tv with Owen, and plays with toys. During this time I'm usually getting some much needed coffee and checking email. I usually come back to find her up against the couch or playing with the remote or other much desired item! Well this morning I came back in the living room to find her like this!!!!!!!!
Of course, for blogging sake, I wish she had her jammies zipped up but I couldn't pass this photo opt for her first time sitting up by herself!!!!!!!! She was so proud of herself and she loved that we all clapped for her! Right after that, she went into crawling position on the floor and I saw her do the "army crawl"!!! That's another first!!!! She gets around the living room with no issues but it is by rolling and pushing up on her knees and falling forward. This morning, she was using her arms and pushing off her toes to army crawl!!! I couldn't believe it! And she is fast!!!! She watches everyone and if you set something down that she wants she takes off and within seconds (depending on how close it is) she has it!!! Watch out Owen, she is coming after your toys!!! : ) I know right before a new milestone in a baby's life, the are usually more hungry and more restless at night which would explain our night last night. I'm so proud of her. Just hope we are ready for 2 very active kids!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Her first bite

Today was Addyson's first day to have a bite of solid food. I have read that waiting until babies are 6 months old to introduce food can reduce their chance of childhood obesity. Not only that, the 6 month guideline, provided by the World Health Organisation, is also based on research indicating the internal digestive system matures over the period of 4-6 months.

We choose not feed our children rice cereal (it contains no nutritional value) or offer them mashed up baby food, instead, we introduce food to them through a method call Baby-led weaning. This method of gradually weaning a baby from a milk diet onto solid foods allows Addyson to control her solid food intake by self-feeding from the very beginning of the weaning process. They often begin by picking up and licking the food (and not ingesting much of it), before progressing to eating.
Since we were on the road, I helped Addyson with her first bite of food!!! I brought a banana with us to the restaurant and cut it into small pieces for her and of course she wanted to grab the big piece I left Owen and mash it up!! I would have preferred for her to have a bite of sweet potato or avocado first (I try to introduce veggies first) but she can have that as soon as we get home!While the idea of baby-led weaning is to offer pieces big enough for the baby to pick up with their hands and use the spoon later on when they mastered eating, the spoon helped Owen and I keep Addyson's new dress clean!!! : ) (I don't know about you, but banana is the ONE food item that stains our clothes and I cannot get it out! Anyone know of any tricks?)

I know the idea of offering non-baby food (which has not been turned almost into pure liquid) to an infant that has never seen food and has only had to drink to survive to this point can be a bit scary and the idea of chocking can be enough to turn someone off this method however, research shows that baby-led weaning is very safe. This method can actually reduce chocking! If a baby learns that s/he can swallow all foods (which is what they do with baby food) when you go to introduce food that needs to be chewed this can be confusing, the baby doesn't know how to chew, and chocking can occur. If a baby learns from the very beginning to ALL food has to be chewed chocking can be reduced. This method worked very well with us and Owen. It was also very handy when we traveled (which was all the time with him) because we never had to carry around baby food. He just always ate what we did, another perk of this method! If you have a little one about to start solids I encourage you to research this method and see if it might work for you!

My baby girl is 6 months!!!

Where has the time gone. I remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday! This past month she has become VERY active and curious! She is rolling both ways and gets around pretty good. She isn't officially crawling but that doesn't seem to slow her down. She rolls, scoots, and pushes off her toes to get to something she wants which is usually a toy or cup of Owen's! The minute she sees someone set something down she wants she is on the move to get it! She just started pushing up to an almost sitting position like the picture above and I got a video as well that I put at the bottom of the blog. She is definitely more active at this age than Owen was.

She is a very mouthy baby meaning EVERYTHING she gets ahold of goes right into her mouth. We are going to have to get very good at picking up all of the little things around the house. One of her favorite things to chew on is her spatula which I'm sure you've seen in many pictures!! : )

Her first tooth came in yesterday. It is her lower right central incisor which happens to be the first tooth Owen got as well. Besides the other day when she didn't feel so good, she took this tooth coming in very well. You wouldn't know she was teething!
She is good at sitting up by herself if you help her get into that position (but it won't be long before she get sit up all by herself!!!) When she is sitting she can get back to the crawling position, sometimes a little more gracefully than others!

She has started to reach for people, more specifically me!! : ) When I take her buckle off in the car seat she reaches up for me to pick her up. When she is in the exersaucer or high chair and wants out she reaches up. If someone has her and she wants to go to someone else she reaches towards them. She is also reaching for the dogs!!! If they are close to her you can almost guarantee she'll be going after them the minute she spots them!

She has been strictly breastfed until this point. She has been offered a bottle of breast milk a handful of times but prefers to just wait until I come home to eat. Now that she is 6 months old we will start to introduce food! Today is her big day of first foods!!! I'll blog more about that later!

Since we are out of town, I haven't taken her in for her 6 month measurements so I'll have to update those later. Without being told, I know she is big, healthy, and strong!!! She is wearing 6-12 month clothes, can support herself well when she is being held or sitting in a highchair or shopping cart. She is becoming very vocal and started saying "da da da da da". She is very happy and social and her smile lights up a room! We are so proud of our baby girl!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Party

Tonight we went to the MOMS Club Halloween party. It is the Club's biggest party of the year and it is SO much fun. It was neat to see many moms in the group I don't get a chance to run into because their kids are older. It was also good to see the many familiar faces I know! Best of all, it was so fun watching all the superheros, animals, and princesses run around together and have a great time!!! Owen and Ana Maria were not big fans of having their hoods on but Brad was able to get them both to keep them on long enough for a picture!
There was music playing and the kids just ran back and forth in the big open room! There was also a craft table were Owen make a pumpkin magnet.
And a decorate your own cookie table. Owen REALLY enjoyed that!!! Well maybe he enjoyed eating it more than making it ; )

We had so much fun!!! I can't wait until next year!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Would you like

Fries with that "hamburger"?

ok, so the other videos are MUCH cuter! Shows Owen serving me hamburgers, fries, and dippy (where did he learn that from?!?!) BUT they are too long to upload. At this point he wants me to put the camera down and play along with him hence why he says, "no pictures, back now"

Jump Zone

On this rainy Tuesday morning we were trying to figure out what to do with the kids, well really I was trying to figure out what to do. Brad had a lunch meeting in Rogers, Owen woke up super early, and it was rainy so I knew I would be in for a VERY long morning if I just stayed home with the kids. Thankfully, I got a call from Rosemary asking if we wanted to join her, Ana Marie, and Rosemary's brother Lee at JumpZone in Rogers! Perfect rainy day activity, Brad was headed up there so we could ride with, and Owen would nap on the way!!! What a great plan!

Owen and I had never been so I wasn't really sure what to expect but it turned out to be a lot of fun for all of us!!! It took Owen (my cautious child) a bit to warm up but by the end of it he was climbing in all of them and having a blast!!!

Addyson had fun not only watching all the kids run around but she also had fun doing a bit of bouncing herself!!!Lee, who was visiting from Florida and a recent cancer survivor, was great with the kids!!! He went down the slides with them and also raced me down the BIG slide!!!

We had a great day and with winter quickly approaching I have a feeling we'll have many more outings there in the near future!!!

On a side note, tonight was Addyson's first time to be sick. It is really sad! My baby girl never cries so when she was crying tonight with big tears in her eyes I knew she didn't feel good!!! Because she never cries I'm not really sure how to console her and I'm not sure she knows how she likes to be consoled! She threw up several times. Poor baby! I stripped her down and just rocked her back and forth. She does NOT like to be held like a baby so I had to trick her and rock her sitting up and once she fell asleep I slowly laid back.

There is nothing better than cuddling with a sleeping baby, I just wish it wasn't because she didn't feel good! Her 2 bottom teeth just started bulging under the skin yesterday so I'm guessing those teeth are the reason for her not feeling good. Hopefully they'll break through soon. Poor baby!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pizza on the Grill

Brad recently got a new grill, a Bubba Keg Grill to be more exact. And you could say he is a little "Grill Obsessed"!!! He wants to cook EVERYTHING on the grill!!! Well tonight was a great opportunity for me to sit back and relax while he went to work!!!!

My friend Sara and I try to get together at least once a week to watch a tv show, eat dinner, and catch up. We have been doing this for several years (minus the one year I lived in Louisiana). It started out as a girl's night watching the Bachelor/ette!!! We would each take a turn making dinner and would usually rotate whose house we watched it at. Well as our lives have gotten busier we usually have to watch the recorded show AND because it is easier for my kids to be at home where I can put them to bed we always watch at my house now. Since The Bachelor is not coming on this season we had to pick another show and since Sara doesn't watch much reality tv I got to pick! So, we are watching The Amazing Race!!! Sara has never seen it so I was happy to introduce her to it. Maybe by the end I'll have her convinced to apply with me!!! : ) Anyone else watching??? What team do you want to win???

Back to Brad's obsession... it was my night to cook and Brad had been dying to try to make pizzas on the grill so I turned tonight's dinner over to him!!! He made yummy calzones on the grill with the help of the kids!!!

Owen helped roll out the dough and pack the calzones full of goodies

Addyson helped daddy pre-grill the chicken and veggies.

The final product was a VERY yummy dinner!!!
Thanks Brad!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Addyson first football game

Saturday was a very full and fun filled day for us!!! Owen woke up at 6 so needless to say the rest of us got up that early too! We knew we were going to take the kids to watch the Razorbacks play at 11 but weren't too sure what we were going to do before that. We had BIG plans to tailgate but that early game time sort of threw things off. We decided the night before to have a lazy morning and eat breakfast at home and then head out to the game.

One of my morning traditions is to log on to Facebook and read everyone's status (it is how I keep up to date with everyone!). As I was reading them, I saw that Kathleen was going to go to the Fireman's breakfast. This is something the Fayetteville Firemen put on every year and I always forget about it! I was SO excited that Kathleen had mentioned it!!! I know it is usually busy and I wanted to beat the crowd!!! So, instead of our lazy morning we rushed around and were out the door in an hour!!!!! Wow, that's good for us!!!

I am so glad we went!!! They served pancakes, bacon, and sausage!!! The firemen set up tables where the trucks are usually parked so on your way to get your pancakes you walk by the fireman pole!!! Owen got a kick out of that!!!

Addyson had so much fun looking around and I know she would have loved to have eaten a pancake with us!!! She could have eaten Owen's!! After 2 bites he said he was done!! I thought there was NO way but soon after that I realized why he was done! The next sentence out of his mouth was "I want to see the firetruck!". We had walked by them on our way in.

The firemen were nice enough to open up one of the trucks for the kids to climb in!!! They were also giving out sticker badges, plastic hats, and Frisbees!!! Owen loved pretending he was driving the firetruck!! It was a great way to start the morning!!!

After breakfast we headed to the game!!! Thanks to Rosemary and Lori we each had a ticket to the game and I just had to find one more for Owen! I think it is CRAZY that a 2 year old needs a ticket well actually EVERY kid needs a ticket!!! Technically even Addyson needs a ticket but that's where I draw the line!!!! SO, to keep things as smooth as possible I bought Owen a ticket from someone off the street!!! I got it for $10!!!! I was very happy about that!!! I put Addyson in her babyhawk and was thankful they didn't ask me if I had a ticket for her!!

Owen had a blast at the game!!! He loves calling the hogs and now he loves to say "First Down"!! Every time we get a first down the announcer says, "That's an Arkansas Razorback..." and the crowd yells, "First Down"!! Owen was also excited to tell me about the tackles and touch downs and in this high scoring game against Auburn, there were a lot of those!!!

But really, I think Owen was mostly excited about the popcorn!!!!!! He woke up this morning and the first thing out of his mouth was "coccorn". We ended up buying 2 bags! : )
This was Addyson's first game!!! I was afraid it was going to be really cold, especially since we were sitting on the VERY TOP row, but we managed to stay warm... we actually got sun burnt on our faces!!! It was a great day and we had so much fun!!!! I was so excited to be able to share that day with MY family!!!! I hope Addyson grows up to be a Razorback fan like her big brother and parents!!! Go Hogs!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Brad and I were getting ready for the day when I came out and saw this. I had to grab my camera.

Is Owen comforting her because she is crying or is she crying because Owen is "comforting" her???

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I found the one

I found the one my heart loves- Song of Solomon
(Arkansas vs Auburn game 07)

One this day, I married my friend,

(wedding day, Oct 8, 2005)

the one I laugh with,
(before he left for Iraq, Fall 03)

live for,
(honeymoon, Oct 2005)

dream with,
(9 weeks pregnant w/Owen, fall 06)

(wedding day, on campus after the ceremony)
Happy Anniversary Honey!!
It has been a wonderful 4 years!!!