Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going to the chapel...

and they're going to get married!
Gee, he really loves her
and they're going to get married!
Going to the Chapel of Love!
Shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve, Aric proposed to Emily!!! Brad, Kellen, and I were there to witness it!!! Aric made her a scrapbook of pictures over the 4 years and then left a blank page to fill with a picture from that night. He said, "ok, let's have Kellen take a picture of us now." so they stood up and got ready to say "cheese" when Aric got down on one knee!!!! So cute!!! She was surprised and of course said "YES!!!!". Later that evening I gave her a shirt I had had made "Soon-to-be Mrs.Z". She has been smiling from ear to ear ever since!!! Can't wait to have another sister-in-law!!! Congrats Aric and Emily!!!


Amanda said...

Awww that's adorable!! Congrats to my cousin Emily!! She'll have to make their kids "vampire milk" just like she used to like :)

Melissa said...

I agree with Amanda... that is adorable!

She looks SO young! I guess that is how I looked when I got engaged... young (I think I was 20 at the time).

And that is so sweet how he did the scrapbook thing and had someone take that picture to capture the moment... VERY memorable!

Dave and Jenn said...

Great story! Glad to hear that the ring arrived safely and that they are finally engaged!