Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This morning we went to a stick gathering bonfire at Jacob's grandma's farm!  Jacob is one of Owen's good friends and we were excited when Jacob's mom called to invite us out for the day!  The farm is the big piece of land on Weddington off I-540 that has all the cattle on it.  Every year, grandma invites all the kids in the family and their friends to come out and help her pick up sticks!  It is fun for the kids to ride around on the tractor looking for sticks and then they get to pick them up and throw them in the fire!!!
It is great for grandma because it is "free" labor and helps her get her land ready for Spring!
The kids had a blast and all they asked for in return for all their hard work was a couple of hot dogs, s'mores, and chips!  It was a perfect trade and a great way to spend our morning!

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