Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day with Family

I have a "little" cousin, Stephanie, that lives in Germany so we don't get to see her very often.  She came over to visit her dad and all of her family with her boyfriend and has been here for a month!  Because we were in Bahrian and because her dad lives in Springfield, we haven't been able to meet up with them until now.  Our kids are road weary from all of our travels so I didn't want to put them in a car for 5 hours and Stephanie and her boyfriend are headed back to Germany on Wednesday (leaving out of Kansas City) so they didn't wan to be in a car for 5 hours either.  Can you blame them?
The only kind of car Owen wants to be in right now! ; )

So I had the idea to meet in Joplin, a good halfway point, and go to Chuck E. Cheese so the kids could play and the adults could talk!  It was perfect!  Is it bad that Owen knows Chuck E. Cheese as soon as he sees the sign?  He knows that he needs "money" to play the games so he starts asking right away!
 He had so much fun picking out games and putting his money in by himself!  Addyson had a blast just walking around and pushing all the buttons she could touch!
 After spending a couple of hours as Chucks, my mom asked if anyone wanted to go for dessert.  Who was going to say no?????
 Not my kids!!!!!!!!
A face only a mother could kiss!!! : )

It was SO good to see Stephanie and to meet Robin!  It was also good to see Stephen, his wife Diana, and their daughter Megan.  I don't think we've seen all three of them since our wedding!  What a great day!
Have a safe flight home Stephanie!!!  Maybe we'll see you in Germany soon!! ; )

I wish this post could end here BUT I have to show you something and then ask a question.....
We came out of the ice cream place to find duct tape on our car door like this.  Why?  Why did someone feel the need to "hurt" someone else's car? I guess all I have to say is, at least it was duct tape and came off!  I'm thankful they didn't key it or break a window.  Oh well.... it was still a good day!

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