Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few of A's favorites

Emily got Addyson this Minnie Mouse for Disneyworld last summer.  Then, Addyson was too young to appreciate Minnie.  Now that she is older, she loves her!  When I watch Addyson play with dolls or stuffed animals, I'm amazed at how loving and caring she is at such a young age.  She plays with them much differently than Owen did at her age and even at his age now.  Is that one of the differences between girls and boys?  Girls are just born with that innate ability to love and nurture!
She loves to put a doll in the stroller and push it around.  She has this look of pride and joy on her face!  I just love watching her!
And she loves to give kisses!!!  Yes, she is kissing Minnie she is not trying to eat her nose it is just that her nose is a bit big and gets in the way!!!  Really tempting for a little girl that likes to put everything in her mouth! : )
Addyson also loves to play with this barn Lori gave Owen for his 1st Christmas.  She knows how to close all the different doors!!  We are working on teaching her how to open them!  For now, Owen helps her open them!
I just love watching them play together!

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