Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fire Station Visit

Today we went with the MOMS Club to visit Fayetteville Fire Station #1 that is located Downtown. I was excited to take the kids since we missed the last Fire Station visit since it was the day we left for Bahrian. Owen gets excited every time we see a fire truck so I was just sure he would love this outing!
All the of the firemen and women were great! They took us for a tour of their facility, let the kids climb through the truck, handed out goodies, and even slid down the fireman's pole for us!!!
I was really hoping to get more pictures (heck, I was really hoping for better pictures for that matter) but it was really hard to juggle a camera, baby, and scared little boy. For some reason, Owen was a bit weary of everything we did. He didn't want to walk upstairs for fear of what was up there. He didn't want to sit next to the fireman's pole, I'm not sure what he thought would come down. I would say, "let's go upstairs and see ...." or "sit here and watch what happens" and he would want NO part! I had to have one of the firemen help me carry him upstairs. I try to reassure him that I have never let anything happen to him and that I only do fun things with him that I know he'll like. I hope this is just a phase that will pass. You would think as much stuff as I take him to, he would be very go with the flow. Maybe I take him too many places with too many surprises!!
It was a good visit and Owen had a lot of fun once he got over being scared!!! When he saw the firemen come down the pole he just grunted with excitement! I knew he would love it! I'm also very thankful I got a fireman's hat for Addyson!!! I use to pass on these sort of giveaways for her since she was so little but now that she is getting big and wants what Owen has, I'll have to get better at getting her one too!!!
Our cute little firefighter!!!

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