Friday, March 26, 2010

First trip to SDC

Today, Angela and I braved a trip to Silver Dollar City with 4 kids by ourselves.  We were NOT thinking when we planned to take this adventure on a Friday during Spring Break!  It was crazy!  To make matters worse. we followed the GPS (I won't call it all the bad names I was calling it during our drive) which took us over an hour out of our way and took us on super windy roads!  We got there in just over 3 hours and we were SO done and so were the kids.  Owen threw up on the way there and after 2.5 hours in the car everyone started melting down!  Of course, they fell asleep 10 minutes outside of Branson so we let them sleep in the car for about an hour before heading in. 

We headed straight for the kiddie rides and they boys had a blast!  They road this ladybug ride 5 times.  There was no line so they would get off and then run around and get back in line!  It was really cute!
I wasn't sure how cautious Owen would do on the rides but once he rode it one time he was hooked!
Addyson was too little to ride any of the rides but she had fun just being outside and eating her favorite, pretzels!
She also had fun looking for Owen!  The boys would wave to her and she would wave back!
While the boys road the ladybug ride, Angela waited in line for a bigger ride that needed an adult to ride with the boys.  It worked out great!  Since Angela was carrying her 3 month old, Conner, in a sling I traded her places in line and rode with the boys while she stayed with Addyson.
This ride is neat because the kids can push a black button that makes their bug go up and down!  After this ride Owen said he was tired.  Yikes!  We drove all this way and after an hour he was done.  I couldn't blame him.  It was 2 and his nap time!  We decided to go eat lunch and see if that helped everyone.  I waited in line for ONE HOUR to get lunch.  Angela had the kids at a table where I couldn't see them and she was trying hard to entertain them with the snacks she had.  By the time I showed up with food everyone was starving and tired!  We gobbled everything up and then headed over to ride the train!
This ended up being our last ride.  Owen fell asleep halfway through it!  Poor guy!  We loaded up in the car and it wasn't long before the kids were asleep.  Looking back, we can't say if this was a good day or not.  It was a long day, that's for sure!  We both have seasons passes so we know next time not to go on a Friday or any time around a long weekend!
And next time we won't follow the GPS!!!  We'll take our way and get there an hour quicker!

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