Friday, March 12, 2010

Flip and Tumble

This morning we took the kids to Aspire Gym in Rogers for their morning Open Gym. We had never been to this facility before but heard about it through the MOMS Club. I was excited to take the kids and see what they would do!
We got there and the place was PACKED but that didn't stop our monkeys from having fun!!!
I had several people come up and ask me how old Addyson was and were shocked to hear she was only 10 months old and yet she was walking everywhere, climbing up everything, and even attempting to walk on the beam! : )

Owen took several turns jumping on the trampoline!!! They had 2 great trampoline strips; one ended into a foam pit and the other ended with a huge squishy mat! Owen would wait patiently in line for his turn (we were so proud of him) and then do "open and close" jumps as he traveled down the trampoline and would finish with a "flip" at the end (his attempt at a somersault)!

It is amazing at what kids will attempt to do after watching other kids!! I had been trying to get him to try to do a somersault at home with no luck but when he saw all the other kids doing them he gave it a try!!! By the end of the morning he had done one all by himself!
Aspire gym has a great toddler area upstairs that had mini sized equipment and the walls were brightly painted! We went up there to have a look around but it wasn't too long before Owen wanted to go back downstairs to play on the big kid stuff!!!
I had so much fun showing Owen how to do some "tricks"! It took me back to my days of coaching gymnastics!!! I miss it so much!!! Sometimes I wish I could coach a class or two again! I might have to look into that! ; )
I spent most of my time chasing the kids around and helping them with the equipment so I didn't get a lot of good pictures. Bummer. I did get some video so I'll leave you with those! I can't wait for the next open gym and I'm looking forward to enrolling the kids in gymnastics classes soon! Stay tuned to see if they might be an upcoming Olympic Champion!! : )

Owen would touch his feet to the bars and then go down and do a somersault! Of course, the times he actually made it over I didn't have my Flip ready but here you get the idea! He did this every time... it was like his little routine! : )

Addyson was SO happy to be there with the big kids!

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