Friday, March 12, 2010


To stick with our gymnastics theme of the day, we headed to a Gymbacks meet!  I was SO excited.  We usually go to most meets every season but for some reason, this year, we haven't made it to hardly any.  I'm a huge gymnastics fan and was super excited when the University started a gymnastics team in 2003!  It is lots of fun and a great event for the whole family!  The perfect thing for kids on a Friday night!  The only downside is that the meet doesn't start until 7 and usually Addyson has been in bed for 30 minutes by then!  Since we knew in advance, we put her down for her second nap a little later and it worked out perfectly!
The University and its students do a great job supporting this event!  The cheerleaders come, the student section is filled and many students have their body and/or faces painted, and there are many giveaways thrown into the audience!
Owen just loves watching the girls flip and he LOVES calling the Hogs and doing all of the other cheers!  I'm amazed at home many of the songs/cheers he recognizes and he can chant along with most of them!!!  He has so much fun at Razorback events.... as long as all of the Hog mascots keep their distance from  him! ; )
Now that Addyson is older, she is getting into the Razorback spirit as well!!!  She kept her eyes on the girls flipping and would bop along to the music and cheers!  I can't wait until she learns to call the Hogs!
It was a great meet again Pittsburgh and the Hogs won by a long shot!  Go Hogs!!!!!

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