Monday, March 1, 2010

Headed Home

Everyone on board?  Check.  Seated?  Check.  Bags stored? Check.  Buckled?  Check.  Headphones on?  Check.  We're ready for take off!!!
After waiting 2 hours in the Bahrain airport, we were REALLY ready to board the plane!  It was WAY past the kids bedtime (we took off around 1am) and we had spent over an hour at the check-in desk trying to "find our reservation" (yep, they didn't have the kids or I in the computer) so we were very ready to be on the plane, start getting some rest, and ready to be headed home!  I do have to back up and say that I was super thankful we had a lounge pass so we spent our couple of hours in the airport in their very exclusive lounge and better yet, they had a room just for families that had toys and a tv and couches and it had a door so the noise would be muffled to the rest of the lounge guests!  The kids played and we put our feet up and had some nice snacks and drinks!  Just what I needed before boarding the plane!

Traveling home went much better than traveling there!  For this, I was really grateful especially since Addyson had her rash and I was sick with some sort of headache/stomach bug.  The kids slept the whole first flight and Brad and I were able to sleep for most of it.  There was no room to spread out so I had to try to sleep while holding Addyson which doesn't work great but it was better than her being awake the whole flight and me getting no rest!

The second flight was pretty much empty!  Well our section was.  We sat in the premium plus seats (the upgraded ones with 6 extra inches of leg room) and I was SO glad we did!  The other sections was packed!  No room to move or stretch out!  We had our row and the row behind us!  Brad and I took turns laying down in the back row and the kids did great sleeping where ever we put them!
When we finally touched down in Chicago, we were happy to be on our last stretch but very sad to see snow!  We had just left the beach and sun so it was a bit shocking to our system to see white everywhere!  We had a 5 hour layover in Chicago and no options to get home any sooner.  With the way I was feeling, I didn't think I was going to make it.  I don't think the kids were happy about the layover either!  They were both so tired! Owen had laid back to rest and then Addyson laid back too!  I think they would have fallen asleep but we had to board a train to the next terminal and that woke them up!
 This will be my "hold Addyson" pic for this month!
Owen- 2 years 8 months, Addyson- 10 months
In case you were wondering, here is what we look like as we go through the airport.  We have a bag or two hanging from a stroller handle and then the suitcase's handle is looped over the other stroller handle (this makes it very easy when I am by myself.  Then both kids can ride in our "single" stroller if we lay the seat back!  Much easier than trying to lug around a huge double stroller! : )
 Before we headed to the lounge we had to make a quick stop.....
Owen's favorite snack is popcorn and a day or two before we headed home he had started to ask for it. We told him when we landed in Chicago he could have some.  He started asking for it when we landed in Germany and then reminded us every so often that when we landed he would get popcorn!  Poor guy had a hard time waiting while we went through security (being over tired didn't help either!) and lucky for him (and us) there was this popcorn stand just steps from security!!  Believe it or not, this was their small size bag!
Owen wanted his popcorn in this little sample cup which was a good thing!!!  Saved us from leaving a huge popcorn trail behind us as we walked!

We headed over to the lounge and hoped they would let us in!  It was a bit tricky since we didn't fly on a Continental plane on the way to Chicago even though we booked the ticket with Continental.  After much pleading, the lady let us in but let us know that the popcorn was NOT allowed!  You MUST be kidding me!  You think she could have turned a blind eye for the poor KID!  Brad ran back to the stand to get a bag for the popcorn while I tried to get settled with the kids in the tiny lounge.  There was no where for us to go where we wouldn't be seen or heard.  Luckily, most people there were very friendly and many offered to help.  We ended us sitting next to a family doctor who overheard me talking on the phone about Addyson's rash.  He asked to look at it and told me that it looked like an allergic reaction to something in the environment and it wasn't contagious.  He told me to put a cream on it and it should go away with time.  Oh, what a blessing to have sat next to him!!! : )  We ate some snacks and Addyson and I took a nap!  The time went relatively quickly and we were ready to board our last flight home!  Owen fell asleep while waiting to board the plane so I had him in my arms and he didn't wake up!

Boarding our last flight home was such a mess and I questioned some people's judgment!  My arms were full with a sleeping 2 year old, Brad's arms were full with a baby and bags plus he was pushing a stroller.  We asked the worker at the gate if we could cut through right there instead of going ALL THE WAY around the poles and ropes to end up at the exact same spot and it was very obvious we were struggling.  He told us NO and then didn't even offer to help us!  Unreal!  After walking around, pushing the stroller into everything, getting bags caught on stuff, we made it only to find out we had to walk down stairs to get to the plane.  Not ONE worker or one person walking by as offer to help with the stroller or bags.  I couldn't believe it.  A guy walked pasted me as I struggled to make it down the stairs holding Owen and carrying a huge bag.  Not that it was his fault I over packed, but really?  He couldn't offer to lend a hand?  We past another worker who told us what plane to walk to but not once did he offer his help.  Unreal!  Such a huge difference from the non-American flights we took where the staff were bending over backwards to help us and to make friends with our kids!  What has happened to us and our ideals of customer service or lending a hand to our fellow Americans???

Back to our flight.....  It was a good thing Owen was asleep for the whole flight home!  After taking 5 flights in a row (last 3 on the way there and the first 2 on the way home) with tv monitors on the back of each seat, he was beginning to think every plane offered movies and as soon as he sits down he asks to watch a movie.  I'm not sure what I would have told him had he asked.  Actually, he probably would have pitched a fit before sitting down, before getting in his seat he would have check the back of the seat in front of him and looked for a screen.  If it didn't have one, he would have asked right there for the movie and would have cried.  He did this the couple of times we sat in the bulk head row where the tv is in the armrest.

Well we made it!!!!  After 30 hours of travel we are finally......
Home sweet Home!!!!

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