Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Spring

Today was such a beautiful day! We just had to get outside and enjoy it! Brad is out of town and our mornings can get so long and boring if we don't find stuff to do which has been a bit harder with the cold weather! Now that is it warm, I can just open the back door and let the kids go out and play! No need to bundle up which takes forever and when you are by yourself it seems like a HUGE task!
I started pulling weeds in our flower beds while they played and I found a little worm!!! Owen was really excited about this especially since they had just talked about worms at school yesterday! He didn't want to touch it but he loved to watch it wiggle on mommy's hand!
Addyson was mommy's big helper in the garden today!!! She helped me put the weeds back where I got them from! : )

Our bird feeders were running low on seed so Owen helped me fill them back up! I think he got more on the ground then he got in the feeders but I don't think the birdies will mind! : ) With the wildlife all around us, it is hard for us to keep our feeders full! But, we love having them because we see some many pretty birds at the all throughout the day!
I was happy to find Owen's tball set from last year! He loves to play with this and it looks like Addyson will have fun with it too.... once she tastes it to make sure it is ok! ; ) The only reason she got to play with this was because Owen was distracted with his soccer ball.....

I also found the water table that Owen got for his 1st birthday!!!! This is a huge hit every summer!!! Now, if I can only find the toys that go with it! I'm sure they are in a box somewhere!!! Thankfully, they were just happy to splash in the water!
The dogs really liked being outside too!!! There is just something about the sun that makes ALL of us a bit happier and gives us all a bit more energy! I'm so glad it is Spring Time!!!!
He was so tired from playing, Owen had to sit down and take a rest! It was really funny because he sat down with this look on his face and said, with a sigh, "Mommy, I'm full." I said, "Do you mean you are tired?" He said, "Yes, I'm tired." I thought it was really cute that he said he was full. He knew he was feeling something but wasn't sure what to call it... I call it pure exhaustion!
While he was taking a rest, he heard a airplane and said, "Mommy, I hear my daddy!!!" He is making the motion we learned in Kindermusik that we do when we want the kids to stop and listen to something. It was really cute. I think Owen thinks his dad spends his whole time while he is away at work in an airplane! Cute but sad at the same time. At least, every time we see an airplane, it gives Owen something to connect with to his daddy while he is gone.

What a beautiful day! I'm so thankful for the sun and warmth and so thankful to be able to spend it outside with my kiddos!!!

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