Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sledding into Spring

When I think of the first day of Spring, I think of the sun shinning and maybe a bit of rainfall (April showers bring May flowers) but I never think of a snow storm!  Yesterday was the first day of Spring and when we went to bed there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  Brad said he'd be surprised if it was still there in the morning after all, we were just wearing short sleeve shirt and eating outside the night before!
We never imagined we wake up to over 9 inches of snow on the ground with more snow still falling!  The snow came past Owen's knees!  And it was wet snow so it was great packing snow!
I never thought on the first day of Spring I'd have to go find all of the kids cold weather gear!!  Addyson couldn't wait to go outside and join in the fun!
Brad was able to make some life sized snowmen!!!!  Down the street, they made a GIGANTIC snowman that used rakes for arms!  It was as tall as the house!  I wish I had a picture of it!
The kids really enjoyed playing in the snow for one last time of the season!
I can't believe we were sledding into Spring!
What a morning!  Owen couldn't keep his eyes open after coming inside!
Happy Spring!!!!  We now have playing in the snow out of our system!  Bring on the warm weather!

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Dave and Jenn said...

How did I miss the huge snowman with rakes for arms in the neighborhood? Oh yeah...we were stuck inside. :-)