Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opa and Nina are here!

Today Opa and Nina flew in for the weekend festivities!!! The kids and I went to pick them up at the airport while Brad maned the grill. Owen was SO excited to be going to the airport to pick up Opa and Nina, I think he must have told me 100+ plus times about it on our 25 minute drive there!!! : )

Owen colored a sign and I helped by writing the words! He was excited to hold it up for them! Addyson wasn't too sure who we were looking for but she was helping us look!!!
He see Opa!!!!
He was so excited that he went running after Opa, crossing the big "Do Not Enter" mat and set off the alarm. This was actually the second time he did that. The first time he just got a little close and I was too busy keeping Addyson from trying to walk down the stairs that I didn't catch him. We were in BIG TROUBLE with security and told if he happened again we would have to leave. : (
Well silly Opa left Nina downstairs in the bathroom and so we couldn't leave! She was waiting for him downstairs and we had NO WAY of getting ahold of her so it took forever before she came up to find us. "Nina, where are you?"
Owen-"I see Nina!" Me- "Dad, hold on to him!!!"
We were finally all together and couldn't wait to get back to the house. Owen was a big help and helped Nina with her suitcase!
Brad had yummy chicken wings and grilled veggies waiting for us with cold beer!!!!
After dinner, Opa and Nina took the kids for a walk. What a great evening!!! We are so glad you are here for a visit Opa and Nina!!!
"Opa, where are you?"

Notice the security guard coming after our sweet, little Owen. We almost got kicked out of the airport.

Addyson's Music Class

I have been taking Addyson to music class Wednesday mornings while Owen is at school.  It has been a great mother-daughter activity and she loves it!!!  We go to Ms. Linda's class at St. Paul's Church on Dickson Street.  I took Owen to this same class.  We have the cd from when Owen was in the class so Addyson is a bit familiar with the songs and it didn't take her long to catch on to all of the different movements and playing the different instruments.
She gets so excited when we sing one of her favorite songs or we get to play one of her favorite instruments.  She is very vocal and active and I love it!!!  She was one of the youngest in her class but I felt like she caught on the quickest. 
Ms. Linda sings a song about putting the instruments away in a basket before she gets out news ones and I was impressed when Addyson walked up to the basket and put her sticks in there by the third class (she wasn't walking before then)!!!
She loves when we sing Peek-A-Boo and play with the scarves!!!  She has gotten to where she starts pointing to the scarves as soon as we walk in class!!!  Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she learned to do the hand twinkles after a couple of weeks!!!  And I think any of the shakers would be one of her favorite instruments!!!  She can do the movements to "Up So High, Down So Low"!!!  She has had a lot of fun and I've loved watching her grow and learn during these past 12 weeks!!  We are going to miss music class this summer but we will have lots of fun singing the songs ourselves at home!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Muffins with Mom

Owen's school has a lot of fun activities planned for their last month before summer break.  This morning they did "Muffins with Mom".  It was really cute!!  They had lots of tables set up and you could choose where you sat.  Each table had a plate of different muffins and then they served coffee and juice.  We got there 30 minutes before school started so we could socialize and enjoy the time with our kids and other families.  It was great to see so many people there and made me really glad we choose to send him to this school.  I am so thankful for all of the wonderful events they plan for our kids and we are really going to miss everyone this summer!!!  Thank you Mount Comfort Sonshine school for a wonderful year!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UofA Farm Event

This evening we went to the Farm Event put on by the University of Arkansas!  We went to this event last year, when Addyson was just a couple of weeks old, and Owen had a blast!  I started planning right away to go this year and was excited to see how Owen would react a year older and I couldn't wait to see what Addyson would think about animals.  It is funny to look back at the old pictures and see Owen as a baldy!!!  Look how little he was.  He was really brave about touching animals but didn't start out that way this time.
He loved running from one cage to the next calling out the animal he saw!!!  He got really excited but kept his distance. 
Addyson was also excited to see all the animals up close but it didn't take long before she got a bit spooked and wanted to keep her distance.  I think seeing animals bigger than Skip and Sam was a bit of a surprise for her!!! ; )
She prefered to look from her stroller and get "up close" to the animals that were on the opposite side of their cage from her!
After watching several of his friends pet the different animals, Owen decided he would be brave and give it a try!!!  It is amazing what peer pressure can do even at this age!  I was so proud of him and you could tell that he was proud of himself too!!!  This cow was the first animal he petted.  When he made contact he had a surprised look on his face!!!  When nothing bad followed, he gave it another try!!!
And another try!!!  (Here is Ana Maria beside him.  We went with her last year.  I can't believe how young she is in the old pictures!!!  It is amazing how they all have changed so much in one year!!!)
Watching everyone pet the animals must have looked like fun because Addyson also gave it a try!!!  Of course, I had to pick an animal about the size of her puppies for her to even entertain the idea!
I think I was most impressed when Owen HELD the baby chick!!!!  It took him a few minutes before he would try it but once he did, he was hooked!!!  He got brave enough to pick it up by himself and hold it!!!  He made his momma proud!!! ; )
Addyson also got to feel the soft baby chick!!!  If you have never been to this awesome event, you must put it on your calender for next year!!!  I know it is on mine!!!!  Since it is about the same time of year, it is neat to see just how much your children have changed not only looks wise but also in their behavior and views of the world.  I can't wait for next year!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Being One

My baby girl is one!!!  I can't believe it!  Where has all the time gone???  I'm sitting here looking back at old pictures and new pictures and having so much fun remembering all the memories we have made.  She has changed so much and it has been fun watching her develop into the little person that she is.  She is so fun and full of energy.  She is always on the go; finding something to play with, something to climb, or someone to chase.  She keeps us on our toes!
She loves to be outside.  She has fun just walking around the backyard exploring!  She also likes to play with balls, climb up the playset, swing, slide, and her new favorite thing is to sit in a chair and eat strawberries.

She is a great listener and understands most, if not all, of what we say.  She will follow simple commands and requests like "come over here" , "give daddy a kiss", "sit down", and "wave bye bye".  When we are out I usually let her walk around by herself because she will come back when I ask her to or motion for her.
My favorite face is her scrunched up nose!  This is a typical Addyson face.  It can mean happy, sad, excited, or frustrated.  You have to hear the voice that goes along with the face to know which mood she is in!  Most of the  time though, she is happy or excited!  She is only sad or frustrated when she wants to get into something you are not letting her, like playing with sharp knives in the dishwasher.  She does have a bit of a temper that comes out when she is not getting her way.  She is a back archer and she also puts her head on the ground.  Both of which scare me that she is going to hurt herself if she does either too hard or too quickly.  But, she is a girl that knows what she wants!  If you try to offer her something else it makes her even more frustrated.
She is very aware of everything around her and is always pointing at something, usually a cup she sees.  She loves to drink water and usually has a sippy cup or two going at all times.  She is making more noises now as she points but usually says "nah".  She says, "ba", "oh" ,"nana" and the other sounds like dada and mama.  She can sign "more", "please", "all done", and "brush teeth".  She usually reverts to "please" for everything.  Her favorite game is to drop something and then sign "please" for you to get it.
She loves animals, as long as they are small!  She has been trying to pick up Skip and Sam which they are not huge fans of.  Sara gave her this rabbit for her birthday and she loves it!!  She can pet it and it doesn't run away!!! : )
She currently weighs 19 lbs 12 oz (25th%) and is 291/4 inches long (50th%).  The doctor says she is perfect and we think so too!!!!  She is so loving and will come up and give you a huge or kiss when you ask.  She loves to wave to strangers and will even blow kisses to them!  She loves music and will start dancing anything she hears some on the tv or radio.
Her favorite part of our night time routine is brushing teeth.  Here she is reminding me that it is time to brush!
If we don't leave the bathroom door shut, she'll go in several times a day and try to brush her teeth by herself!  Guess we are forming good brushing habits early! 
She is officially allowed to eat all foods now.  We gave her milk in a cup but she isn't a big fan yet, she prefers her water.  She just recently started liking sweet potato and is a big fan of any kind of meat!  She still loves carrots and all green veggies!  She has started liking more fruit and will now eat strawberries, blue berries, mango, bananas, apples, and sometimes melon.
Her and Owen are still 2 peas in a pod!  They play great together and have so much fun doing so!  I swear she said, "Owie" today but I haven't heard it again.  She usually wakes up in the morning looking for him.  They can make each other smile and giggle and I love watching it!  If she is fussing he will "shhh" her, rub her head, and sing her a song.  That usually does the trick!

I have loved watching Addyson grow this year and it has been so much fun to see Owen grow as a big brother and Brad and I grow as parents of two!  What an amazing year we have had!  I look forward to all this next year has in store for us!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Treat- Orange Mango

For Addyson's birthday dessert we headed to Orange Mango on Dickson Street.  It is the new frozen yogurt place that everyone is talking about.  I didn't want to have a birthday cake for her today, I wanted to save that "cake smashing" experience for her party, but I wanted to do something special so we saved our first visit to Orange Mango for today!
If you have never been, it is a really neat place and a great family outing!  They have a selection of 10+ yogurt flavors to choose from which you self serve so you can get as little or as much as you want!!!  Then you can head over to their topping bar and pick from 20+ things which range from fresh fruit to cereals to candy.  When you are all done they'll weigh it so you pay based on weight.
Nammie helped Addyson get her very own bowl!  Addyson got vanilla with fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Owen got vanilla with gummie bears, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. 
Here is our big group!  We all sang "Happy Birthday" and then Addyson couldn't wait to dig in!
Her first bite, Yummy!!!!  My only complaint about Orange Mango was that they don't have highchairs (hopefully someone will read this blog and next time we go in there will be a highchair or two!!! : ) )  So lucky me got to hold her while she ate and I think I ended up with half of it on my lap! 
She kept putting her hand in the cup to pick out the fruit but would leave it in there too long.  She would start to fuss and I think it is because her hand started to freeze! : )
Everyone had so much fun!!  It was great trying all the flavors and seeing what others choose!!!  My favorite was the coffee swirled with cheesecake!  It was great by itself but I also topped it with butterscotch chips!  I will be getting that again!
The kids played while we finished up eating!  They kept going over the the window ledge and playing around.  Looked like a perfect photo op.  I just love how they are all holding hands in this picture!
Addyson was the Welcoming Committee and got a lot of smiles by doing so!
I went outside and realized this could be the perfect Orange Mango add!!!!
What a great birthday treat!

Birthday Dinner

Tonight we had Mom, Kellen, and the Rincons over for dinner to celebrate Addyson's birthday.  Her big party will be May 1st but we didn't want her actual birthday to go uncelebrated!  The Rincons won't be here for the party so we wanted to make sure they were able to celebrate with us.  Brad smoked a yummy 5 lb. pork shoulder all day for bbq sandwiches and then everyone brought a side.  I thought we would have TONS of leftovers but we didn't have a single thing left.
Everything was so good, people went back for seconds and thirds!!!  Not me, I left room for dessert!!!  I knew we were headed to Orange Mango after Addyson opened her gifts!
Addyson had plenty of helping opening presents!!!!!!!!
She got some really cute outfits from my mom and the Rincons and a new swimming suit and cover up from my mom!  She also got this cute stuffed Sandhill Crane from Sara and Rod (the mascot for the wildlife reservation they are living on!) as well as a jewelry box and rabbit!
She also got cards from Grandma Saberniak and Grandma Blessing!  My grandma, who has over 50 kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, never forgets a birthday and always sends you a card with 5 one dollar bills in it!  Addyson went right for the money!!!  That's my girl!  It was a wonderful evening and am thankful to everyone that helped make that day special for her!  Happy Birthday Addyson!