Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Addyson's Music Class

I have been taking Addyson to music class Wednesday mornings while Owen is at school.  It has been a great mother-daughter activity and she loves it!!!  We go to Ms. Linda's class at St. Paul's Church on Dickson Street.  I took Owen to this same class.  We have the cd from when Owen was in the class so Addyson is a bit familiar with the songs and it didn't take her long to catch on to all of the different movements and playing the different instruments.
She gets so excited when we sing one of her favorite songs or we get to play one of her favorite instruments.  She is very vocal and active and I love it!!!  She was one of the youngest in her class but I felt like she caught on the quickest. 
Ms. Linda sings a song about putting the instruments away in a basket before she gets out news ones and I was impressed when Addyson walked up to the basket and put her sticks in there by the third class (she wasn't walking before then)!!!
She loves when we sing Peek-A-Boo and play with the scarves!!!  She has gotten to where she starts pointing to the scarves as soon as we walk in class!!!  Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she learned to do the hand twinkles after a couple of weeks!!!  And I think any of the shakers would be one of her favorite instruments!!!  She can do the movements to "Up So High, Down So Low"!!!  She has had a lot of fun and I've loved watching her grow and learn during these past 12 weeks!!  We are going to miss music class this summer but we will have lots of fun singing the songs ourselves at home!!!

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