Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Tonight we had Mom, Kellen, and the Rincons over for dinner to celebrate Addyson's birthday.  Her big party will be May 1st but we didn't want her actual birthday to go uncelebrated!  The Rincons won't be here for the party so we wanted to make sure they were able to celebrate with us.  Brad smoked a yummy 5 lb. pork shoulder all day for bbq sandwiches and then everyone brought a side.  I thought we would have TONS of leftovers but we didn't have a single thing left.
Everything was so good, people went back for seconds and thirds!!!  Not me, I left room for dessert!!!  I knew we were headed to Orange Mango after Addyson opened her gifts!
Addyson had plenty of helping opening presents!!!!!!!!
She got some really cute outfits from my mom and the Rincons and a new swimming suit and cover up from my mom!  She also got this cute stuffed Sandhill Crane from Sara and Rod (the mascot for the wildlife reservation they are living on!) as well as a jewelry box and rabbit!
She also got cards from Grandma Saberniak and Grandma Blessing!  My grandma, who has over 50 kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, never forgets a birthday and always sends you a card with 5 one dollar bills in it!  Addyson went right for the money!!!  That's my girl!  It was a wonderful evening and am thankful to everyone that helped make that day special for her!  Happy Birthday Addyson!

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