Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Treat- Orange Mango

For Addyson's birthday dessert we headed to Orange Mango on Dickson Street.  It is the new frozen yogurt place that everyone is talking about.  I didn't want to have a birthday cake for her today, I wanted to save that "cake smashing" experience for her party, but I wanted to do something special so we saved our first visit to Orange Mango for today!
If you have never been, it is a really neat place and a great family outing!  They have a selection of 10+ yogurt flavors to choose from which you self serve so you can get as little or as much as you want!!!  Then you can head over to their topping bar and pick from 20+ things which range from fresh fruit to cereals to candy.  When you are all done they'll weigh it so you pay based on weight.
Nammie helped Addyson get her very own bowl!  Addyson got vanilla with fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Owen got vanilla with gummie bears, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. 
Here is our big group!  We all sang "Happy Birthday" and then Addyson couldn't wait to dig in!
Her first bite, Yummy!!!!  My only complaint about Orange Mango was that they don't have highchairs (hopefully someone will read this blog and next time we go in there will be a highchair or two!!! : ) )  So lucky me got to hold her while she ate and I think I ended up with half of it on my lap! 
She kept putting her hand in the cup to pick out the fruit but would leave it in there too long.  She would start to fuss and I think it is because her hand started to freeze! : )
Everyone had so much fun!!  It was great trying all the flavors and seeing what others choose!!!  My favorite was the coffee swirled with cheesecake!  It was great by itself but I also topped it with butterscotch chips!  I will be getting that again!
The kids played while we finished up eating!  They kept going over the the window ledge and playing around.  Looked like a perfect photo op.  I just love how they are all holding hands in this picture!
Addyson was the Welcoming Committee and got a lot of smiles by doing so!
I went outside and realized this could be the perfect Orange Mango add!!!!
What a great birthday treat!

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