Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day

We woke up to a beautiful day!!! The kids slept in which was mom and dad's Easter treat and the Eater Bunny was thankful since he forgot to come while we all slept! ; ) The Easter Bunny brings a few things to our house and then takes the majority of the eggs and goodies over to Nammie's house where we have our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
When Owen woke up he was excited to hear that the rabbit (what he calls the Easter Bunny) had visited him!!! He went running over and went straight to work pulling everything down to Addyson's level! They couldn't wait to go through all of their goodies!

Owen just loves his new banjo! He loves to play the guitar so I knew this would be a bit hit with him. He started playing and singing right away!
Addyson found the Rice Krispie Treat eggs and couldn't wait to try one.... or both. I'm sure they taste even better with the plastic Easter grass attached! After going through the goodies, we got ready for church and headed out the door. Thankfully, Nammie saved us a seat at 9am Mass!! I have NEVER seen church that full before! After church, we headed to Nammie's for breakfast and the big hunt!
While mom hid the eggs in the park across the street from her house, the kids and grandkids waited anxiously outside. I had to keep an eye on my brothers to make sure no one was cheating by trying to see where all the goodies were being hidden!
It is probably a sight for all of the in-laws and girlfriends how competitive my brothers and I are at the Easter Egg Hunt! You would think, with me being 31 and the boys being in their 20s, we would totally be over this whole "egg hunting thing" but mom makes the prizes so good and the thrill of the hunt is just too good to pass up!
We let the kids hunt first so we could take lots of pictures and help them out and NOT have to worry about all of the sibling competition that was about to take place!
This was Addyson's first Easter and also her first Easter Egg Hunt (I didn't make it to any others with her this year) and it was so much fun to watch her find the egg, inspect it, and then taste it!
It didn't take her long to figure out you have to grab as much as you can before your brother or cousin gets it!!! : )
The Easter Bunny brought lots of great things to Nammie's house! Eggs filled with yummy treats, stickers, bubbles, chalk, rubber duckies, and other snacks!
Owen, funny little guy, didn't want to pick up the eggs at first!! He went straight for the big stuff! That's my boy! When that big stuff was all gone, he went back and picked up the eggs! : ) Again, gotta get the good stuff first before your sister or cousin get it!
As soon as all the goodies were picked up, they sat down and started going through their loot!
Troy had to check to make sure Addyson didn't get something he wanted. : ) Good thing she was headed over to see what brother got!
While the kids finished going through their things, it was the adults' turn to hunt!! We were given the "rules" and we were off!!!! Let me tell you, it is a work out trying to out run your brothers and family to get the good stuff! I'm glad Brad and I work in teams because he ended up finding a lot more than I did this year!
After all of the goodies were found, we headed back home. Look at that bag full Gina found! And no, Kaitlyn didn't go home empty handed, I just think she got Kellen to carry her stuff! : )
What a great day. I can't wait for the Easter Egg Hunt next year! I don't think I'll be too old to hunt!! ; )

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