Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Treats

I like to do holiday crafts with the kids (if I can get around to it! : ) ) and this year I was really excited when I saw the Rice Krispies commercial that showed a mom making Rice Krispies treat eggs with her kids. It gave me a great idea!  So guess what we made.
Owen had a lot of fun molding the eggs with one of his plastic eggs from school.  I had decided to make two flavors, plain and peanut butter.  I love the plain ones and Brad loves the peanut butter ones and Owen.... well he is happy to eat either! : )
I decided to dip the plain ones in white chocolate that I had die different Easter colors.  Owen got to pick which color and he even helped me add the food coloring... most times he added more than a drop or two or ten!
He then dipped the peanut butter ones in chocolate.  Look how excited he is to dip it in chocolate.  I love that he gets so much excitement out of the simple things in life!  I really hope it stays this way!
Dying Easter Eggs was our next big family craft this year.  What Easter would be complete without it?  I looked back at the videos from last year and realized just how big our "little" man is!  He did so much better this year dipping the eggs instead of dropping them in and cracking every single one!  Dad even taught him how to dye an egg two colors!
He was pretty good at using the spoon to dip the egg in.
But to get them out was a different story!!  He realized his hands worked a bit better!  Man oh man, look at those fingers!
This was Addyson 1st Easter so she got the joy of dying her first eggs!
I gave her a smaller bowl to work with hoping that would help minimize the mess.  Didn't quit work.
She thought the pretty colored water was to splash in!  And what would be more fun than splashing your egg in the water????
I'm so glad I choose to let her color her eggs pink instead of blue since she managed to get splashes up on her face!
And finally, what project would be complete without a bit of taste testing????  Now that we have our Easter treats made, we are ready for the Easter Bunny to come!! : )

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