Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Being One

My baby girl is one!!!  I can't believe it!  Where has all the time gone???  I'm sitting here looking back at old pictures and new pictures and having so much fun remembering all the memories we have made.  She has changed so much and it has been fun watching her develop into the little person that she is.  She is so fun and full of energy.  She is always on the go; finding something to play with, something to climb, or someone to chase.  She keeps us on our toes!
She loves to be outside.  She has fun just walking around the backyard exploring!  She also likes to play with balls, climb up the playset, swing, slide, and her new favorite thing is to sit in a chair and eat strawberries.

She is a great listener and understands most, if not all, of what we say.  She will follow simple commands and requests like "come over here" , "give daddy a kiss", "sit down", and "wave bye bye".  When we are out I usually let her walk around by herself because she will come back when I ask her to or motion for her.
My favorite face is her scrunched up nose!  This is a typical Addyson face.  It can mean happy, sad, excited, or frustrated.  You have to hear the voice that goes along with the face to know which mood she is in!  Most of the  time though, she is happy or excited!  She is only sad or frustrated when she wants to get into something you are not letting her, like playing with sharp knives in the dishwasher.  She does have a bit of a temper that comes out when she is not getting her way.  She is a back archer and she also puts her head on the ground.  Both of which scare me that she is going to hurt herself if she does either too hard or too quickly.  But, she is a girl that knows what she wants!  If you try to offer her something else it makes her even more frustrated.
She is very aware of everything around her and is always pointing at something, usually a cup she sees.  She loves to drink water and usually has a sippy cup or two going at all times.  She is making more noises now as she points but usually says "nah".  She says, "ba", "oh" ,"nana" and the other sounds like dada and mama.  She can sign "more", "please", "all done", and "brush teeth".  She usually reverts to "please" for everything.  Her favorite game is to drop something and then sign "please" for you to get it.
She loves animals, as long as they are small!  She has been trying to pick up Skip and Sam which they are not huge fans of.  Sara gave her this rabbit for her birthday and she loves it!!  She can pet it and it doesn't run away!!! : )
She currently weighs 19 lbs 12 oz (25th%) and is 291/4 inches long (50th%).  The doctor says she is perfect and we think so too!!!!  She is so loving and will come up and give you a huge or kiss when you ask.  She loves to wave to strangers and will even blow kisses to them!  She loves music and will start dancing anything she hears some on the tv or radio.
Her favorite part of our night time routine is brushing teeth.  Here she is reminding me that it is time to brush!
If we don't leave the bathroom door shut, she'll go in several times a day and try to brush her teeth by herself!  Guess we are forming good brushing habits early! 
She is officially allowed to eat all foods now.  We gave her milk in a cup but she isn't a big fan yet, she prefers her water.  She just recently started liking sweet potato and is a big fan of any kind of meat!  She still loves carrots and all green veggies!  She has started liking more fruit and will now eat strawberries, blue berries, mango, bananas, apples, and sometimes melon.
Her and Owen are still 2 peas in a pod!  They play great together and have so much fun doing so!  I swear she said, "Owie" today but I haven't heard it again.  She usually wakes up in the morning looking for him.  They can make each other smile and giggle and I love watching it!  If she is fussing he will "shhh" her, rub her head, and sing her a song.  That usually does the trick!

I have loved watching Addyson grow this year and it has been so much fun to see Owen grow as a big brother and Brad and I grow as parents of two!  What an amazing year we have had!  I look forward to all this next year has in store for us!

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Glad she likes her rabbit. :) Enjoyed the post!