Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today was the day of the annual Hogeye Marathon & Relay race.  And what a great day it was for a run!  We were not the ones running but, we were there to cheer on the 360 runners that raced today! It was such a fun way to spend out Sunday morning!!!  We quickly ate breakfast then headed outside with our coffees to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sun and cheer on the runners.
The kids had so much fun watching the people run by and they would clap for them and wave to them.  Many of the runners would respond and tell us thank you for being out to support them!  I had fun reading people's shirts to see who they were running for and it was great to see many different body types out there taking part is this huge race.  It was very inspiring for Brad and I!
We told Owen to yell "Go Hogs!" because we weren't sure what else to tell him to tell the runners and so he called everyone running, Razorbacks.  When the street was emptying he would ask, "Where did all the Razorbacks go?"  It was really cute.  We were lucky enough to have the runners run by our house twice which kept our street fairly active with little downtime!!!  Down the street from us is Holcomb school which was the turn around point.  It was fun to recognize people as they came by the second time!
Addyson wanted to be a part of it!  We had to keep chasing her out of the road!  Many commented that she was a runner in training and they aren't kidding! : )
To watch the race take place gave me so much energy!  I really want to try to do it next year.  I just need to make the commitment and do it!!!!
 What a great morning!!!

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Dave and Jenn said...

I love how the Hogeye Marathon comes through our neighborhood! Dave and I like to sit upstairs and watch them from the window up there since they don't run directly in front of our house.