Saturday, April 10, 2010

Horse Festival

This morning, Owen and I went to the University of Arkansas Horse Festival.  It is a great family event that the University hosts every year.  There are many activities and shows you can see all weekend long!  I had originally planned to take both kids to the big horse show at noon because Brad was working from home and we needed something to do!  Addyson ended up napping most of the morning so I told Owen we could go shopping and then go see the horses!  Well he was up for seeing the horses but not up for shopping!  So we headed to see the horses first!
While we didn't see the show, this worked out better!  We walked around outside and went to the barn and saw everyone getting their horses ready!  And the barn was loud!!!  There was a one year old mare in there that had a lot to say!  You can see Owen listening to all she had to say!
The people were so friendly!  Everyone we saw offered to let Owen pet their horse!  Of course, he didn't take them up on that offer.  He liked watching them from afar!  He liked to watch them eat, stomp their hooves, and every now and then one would look his way!  "That horse is looking at me mommy!!!"
And when one was far enough away, he would get a closer look!!! : )

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