Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing Four

Not four fish.  Just one fish, "Four".

We have been wanting to get a Beta fish for our fish tank that Brad and I used as a table decoration for our wedding reception.  We recently found the tank while unpacking boxes and it has been sitting empty while we waited for the perfect time to go get a fish.  Today seemed like the perfect day for Owen to be distracted by a new pet.  He is having a hard time understanding that it is Addyson's birthday today and we'll celebrate his birthday later.  He knows his birthday is in "June" but has no idea that June is a couple of months from now. As far as he is concerned today is June and he should be celebrating too!!!

While the birthday girl took a nap, Owen and I went shopping at the pet store!!!  He was so excited!  He held the fish all the way home and could wait to put the fish in its new home!  I asked him what he wanted to name the fish and he told me "Four" (he has a stuffed dog named Three) and that's what it is!
We have fed Four three times already and he keeps asking to feed him again.  Luckily, he can't open the fish food himself or else we'd have one fat and overstuffed little Four!  He was excited to show his new fish to everyone that came over for supper!  Addyson loves watching Four swim around. She keeps pointing at the fish tank and "ohhhing".  I'm so glad we finally filled our empty tank!  Welcome to our home Four!

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